Three sites guaranteed to improve mindfulness

Tasha Raymond April 6, 2020
Three sites guaranteed to improve mindfulness

The government and NHS have published their latest information on coronavirus, including who should self-isolate or shield themselves and the lock-down measures. You can find this information on their websites:

During this period of isolation, changes are hard to accept and many who live alone, the elderly, and the physically and mentally vulnerable may find it difficult to adapt.

Below are a few online resources that can provide support during this difficult time:

Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs

Are you full of beans or lacklustre? Do you regularly have cold hands or do you flush easily? Do you have low metabolism or heartburn? Do you have dry or oily skin?

Starting to tune-in to how you feel and describing those feelings points you in the right direction.

Pukka Herbs’ co-founder and master herbalist is passionate about running a business that inspires positive change and brings the benefits of the incredible power of plants to everyone they connect with.

The Pukka website provides examples of herbs and their healing properties and includes a range of teas it says improve happiness, help with strength and fitness or cure a hangover.

The website also offers a tea quiz alongside mindfulness and wellbeing articles. You can even sign up for a free taster pack of tea. Join the collective here:

Rethink mental illness

To assist supporters and staff, mental health services charity Rethink has set up an online hub to provide practical support and information that’s useful for people living with or supporting others with mental illness.

The hub includes a section specifically for those who have a severe mental illness and their carers during this time of crisis.

The message from Rethink is while the sudden and dramatic changes caused by the pandemic have disrupted many life routines, it’s important to remember this crisis is temporary and things will return to normal eventually.

Follow this page for updates as more information becomes available:


Providing online audio resources including guided meditations, mindfulness exercises for cooking and eating, and soothing sounds for a restful night, Headspace is the perfect virtual lock-down companion.

Developed by a former monk, Headspace was created to gently ground and focus your mind.

Designed to help you live a healthier, happier, more rested life by dedicating only a few minutes a day, the Headspace app provides hundreds of sessions on physical health, personal growth, stress management and anxiety relief, all designed to help you stress less, focus more and feel better.

You can download the app to your phone to provide support on the go and peace of mind at your fingertips.

For a free trial and to review subscription options:

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