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How to preorder the Target Star Wars Black Series exclusive figures

Amber Peake July 14, 2022
How to preorder the Target Star Wars Black Series exclusive figures
photo by Daniel Harvey Gonzalez/In Pictures via Getty Images


A new wave of Star Wars The Black Series figures is on its way, including some exclusives Target models now available for preorder. 

As fans will know, the Star Wars Black Series is a line of collectable figures which captures characters from across the franchise. 

The upcoming collectable range appears to have now hit online retailers and is available to preorder. 

Following its preorder release, some fans are curious to know more about the Target figures and how to get them. Let’s take a look…

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation | Official Trailer | DisneyPlusHotstar

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation | Official Trailer | DisneyPlusHotstar

A look at the Target-exclusive Star Wars Black Series

Back in May toy company, Hasbro’s plans for a new wave of the Star Wars Black Series figures were revealed. 

As per Comicbook, During Hasbro’s 4 May live stream, the brand announced some upcoming collectable lines, which included the Black Series. 

As fans will know, the original Black Series line of collectables debuted almost a decade ago in 2013

Figures across the collection are currently available to preorder online, with six exclusive models also available via Target. 

The Target figures include Antoc Merrick, Galen Erso, Boba Fett, Teeka, The Mandalorian & Grogo and a Ben Kenobi Tibidon Station figure. 

How to preorder the Target Star Wars Black Series figures

As the six Star Wars Black Series figures are exclusive to Target, they are only available via the retailer. 

Fans can buy the figures through pre-order on the Target website here. Once added to your basket, the site explains the figures will either be delivered on or shortly after their release date.

At this time, a release date for the Target exclusive figures is yet to be specified for the figures on the site.

Both the Antoc Merrick and Galen Erso figures are priced at $22.99. The Boba Fett, Teeka and Ben Kenobi figures are $26.49, while the Mandalorian and Grugo model is $36.99. 

Ben Kenobi Target exclusive figure follows recent Obi-Wan series

Following the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi series, the Ben Kenobi figure is sure to be a hit among fans.

The series followed the Jedi following the events of the Revenge Of The Sith. As fans will know, Obi-Wan was first introduced as Ben Kenobi in the original Star Wars trilogy in A New Hope. 

The new Obi-Wan series premiered in late May and wrapped up late at the end of June. 

Another of the target exclusive figures, Boba Fett, was also at the centre of its own Star Wars series last year.

The Book of Boba Fett premiered in December and, according to Comicbook, has since received a total of four Emmy nominations this week.

Where else is the Star Wars Black Series available?

As well as the Target exclusive figures, the retailer also has a variety of other Black Series figures listed on its site. 

Fan ran Twitter page for Star Wars collectors Yak Face, also noted that some fans have picked up figures in-store at Target.

Elsewhere the Black Series is also available via both Entertainment Earth and Amazon

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