Where to buy the Oura smart ring, as worn by these celebs

Amber Peake September 17, 2021
Where to buy the Oura smart ring, as worn by these celebs


The Oura smart ring has been in the news this week after being worn by some famous names. While the sleep tracker is trending online, some have wondered where to buy the Oura smart ring.

Sleep tracker ring has been worn by these celebs

The Oura ring started trending this week as Jennifer Aniston was spotted wearing it during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

Elsewhere, model Miranda Kerr mentioned the ring last week in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter as she spoke about her favourite tech gadgets.

As the ring gains popularity online, some are curious to know more about the tech accessory.

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What is an Oura ring?

The Oura ring is a sleep and activity tracker ring that links to a mobile app, which allows users to monitor their health. Oura Health, the company behind the ring, was set up in 2013 in Finland by founders Kari Kivela, Markku Koskela and Petteri Lahtela.

The company launched the first version of the ring in 2015 and released the second edition in 2018. The Oura ring is one of many smart rings currently on the market. Other popular sleep tracking rings include Motiv and Go2Sleep.

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Where to buy the Oura ring

The smart ring, which is currently priced at $299, is available to buy on the Oura website as well as a number of partner sites. Buyers in Canada can purchase the ring from retail site Indigo, while US customers can visit Oura partner Goop‘s website to buy the smart ring.

Oura co-founder Petteri Lahtela has talked about manufacturing the ring and keeping up with orders on the company’s website.

In an interview with the Nordic Business Review, he explained: “I honestly don’t think many people believed we could manage sales solely through our own website.

“In fact, since we started selling the first-generation Oura rings, we have mostly been limited by supply and scaling up manufacturing.”

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