Merge Mansion’s 2022 Thanksgiving event: How to join and get the box

Amber Peake November 18, 2022
Merge Mansion’s 2022 Thanksgiving event: How to join and get the box


With Thanksgiving around the corner, Merge Mansion has introduced its 2022 festive event to players.

In honor of the day of thanks, the mobile game has released its annual seasonal event, which sees users learn a new set of Thanksgiving-themed matches.

As players take part in the game’s festive event, some have shared their frustration at unlocking some of the new items.

We break down this year’s event by explaining how to join it as well as how to get the Keepsake Box that has left some players stumped.

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Merge Mansion release 2022 Thanksgiving event

Thanksgiving celebrations have started early for Merge Mansion players as the seasonal event hit the gaming app this week.

The 2022 Thanksgiving event started on Thursday (November 17) and is set to run for a total of 14 days until the start of December.

Over the course of the two-week-long event, players give a helping hand to the game’s central characters Maddie and her grandma, as they prepare to take part in their local balloon parade. 

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You must be level 12 and above to take part 

Those wanting to join in on the thanksgiving gameplay must be a level 12 or higher. 

The seasonal edition of the game sees players greeted with a new set of Thanksgiving-themed items that users can match to unlock more festive goodies and rewards.

The new items will be used to complete tasks which will also go into winning event points which result in player rewards.

As explained on a fan wiki page dedicated to the mobile app’s Thanksgiving event, players must complete the first task to unlock access to the Thanksgiving event garage.

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How to get the keepsake box in Merge Mansion Thanksgiving event

While players are probably well-versed with the match patterns and items of the classic game, the new seasonal event adds a Thanksgiving twist. This means players taking part must learn a new set of matches to unlock all of the Thanksgiving items.

However, with the introduction of new items, some users are unsure of how to unlock certain items, including the keepsake box.

Luckily for Merge Mansion players, a helpful Reddit user has released a game map that explains the different merges to unlock all of the items. YouTuber CaroGamesNL has also dropped a guide on how to unlock the items too.

As explained in the map, the keepsake box is derived from the red barn, which should then should drop either a crate, a cart, or a truck. Regardless of their level, all three items should then drop either a plastic bag, spatula, or napkins. 

To continue on the path to unlocking the keepsake box, napkins is the focus. Players then must level up the napkins to level five through matching to result in a table setting which, after its timer will result in an empty Thanksgiving table.

For the next step, users must then fill the table by dropping the required items on the space to result in a full table. Once full, players then unlock the thanksgiving dinner items as the table will drop a deviled egg.

Players must then level up the dinner items to level eight before unlocking the couch. From there, you must wait through two rounds of drops before the couch transforms into the keepsake box.

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