Did Khris Middleton wear the Nike Kobe Mambacita shoes?

Joshua Rogers June 4, 2021
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Did Khris Middleton wear the Nike Kobe Mambacita shoes? Images of unreleased Nike Kobe 6 Protro sneakers allegedly leak online.

What did Vanessa Bryant say?

Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, released a statement on Instagram over the alleged sneaker release of the Mambacita shoe.

Bryant says the shoe was designed by her as a tribute to Kobe, and were not meant for sale.

You can read her full statement below:

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Nike has not responded to the allegations, and a representative for the company is yet to address these as-yet unconfirmed reports.

Did Khris Middleton already wear the Nike Kobe Mambacita shoes?

It seems as though Bucks All-Star Khris Middleton has already worn the Nike Kobe Mambacita shoes even though they weren’t supposed to be released.

Middleton wore a pair of the Nike Kobe 6 Protro Mambacita shoes during Game 4 of the Bucks’ first-round series victory over Miami Heat.

Middleton put up a 20-point double-double in the Nike Mambacita shoes, helping the Bucks sweep the Heat.

How he got hold of them remains a mystery.

How did the Nike Kobe Mambacita shoes get out?

It’s impossible to know how they got out at present.

Some think they were mistakenly shipped out by retailers instead of the Kobe 5 Protro “Hall Of Fame”.

However, that doesn’t explain why they were made in the first place.

Evidently, Nike did not intend for any pairs of the release to go out to the public, but leaked shoes can sometimes slip through the cracks of factory walls.

Clearly, Nike did not approve the release of the shoes.

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