Does Joe Biden eat red meat? New plans to tackle climate change explored

Eve Edwards April 24, 2021
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After the announcement of US President Joe Biden’s climate change plans, we explore whether the POTUS eats red meat. Here’s what we found out about his diet.

On 22 April 2021, Joe Biden’s plans to tackle climate change were announced at a two-day virtual climate summit he organised.

The Biden administration’s climate change plans, particularly the requirements to drastically cut red meat, have come as a shock to the American public.

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Does Joe Biden eat red meat?

It has been previously revealed that Joe Biden eats red meat. Back in 2012, when the Washington Examiner was a free daily newspaper distributed in the Washington D.C. area, they published a report of what Joe Biden ate everyday on the campaign trail.

During the campaign trail, it was reported that Biden enjoyed many meat-based dishes. Some of these included hamburgers, beef soup, pepperoni pizza and chicken parm.

As this was back in 2012, it could well be that Biden has reduced – if not eliminated – his meat consumption.

Biden administration’s climate change plans tackle America’s red meat consumption

In the two-day climate summit, Biden announced his administration’s plans to tackle the climate emergency.

His goal is for the United States to cut emissions between 50-52% by 2030. Biden also announced that he want the US on the road to a zero emissions economy no later than 2050.

To reach these targets, some requirements have been proposed. They are reducing red meat intake by 90% and consumption of animal products by 50%.

Reducing the American public’s red meat consumption by 90% would mean only eating 4lbs of red meat per year. This is 0.18 ounces per day. This roughly equates to one averaged sized burger per month.

The requirements also suggest use of electric cars and refitting homes with electric heat pumps.

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