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Who is Iver Shovel? The Guardian Suez 2 April Fool's explained

Eve Edwards April 1, 2021
Who is Iver Shovel? The Guardian Suez 2 April Fool's explained
Photo by Mahmoud Khaled/Getty Images

Who are Iver Shovel and Flora Lopi? We explain The Guardian‘s Suez 2 April Fool’s.

This 1 April 2021 has seen journalism giant The Guardian play a prank on their readers.

The article references the construction of a second Suez Canal, in response to its blockage in March 2021. From 23 to 29 March, the Golden-class container ship Ever Given was accidentally grounded in the Suez Canal, causing severe disruption.


The Guardian name-drops Iver Shovel

In The Guardian’s article from 1 April 2021, they discuss the UN’s plans for Suez 2. They state: “The UN had previously commissioned a feasibility study from the international tunnelling company OFP Lariol.”

The study’s author is reportedly Iver Shovel.

The article also makes reference to Mo Sez, a regional expert in water division management.

Both these experts appear to be fake, given the article is nothing more than a prank on its readership.

Who is Flora Lopi?

Flora Lopi is the author of The Guardian article.

We found Flora’s Twitter account, which was created 1 April 2021. In her bio she describes herself as a “Trainee” at The Guardian.

It can be taken that Flora Lopi is not actually a real journalist, given that the article is now tagged with April Fool’s Day. But that hasn’t stopped Flora from having her fun on Twitter.

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