Is Klarna avalible in New Mexico? USA coverage explained

Amber Peake December 29, 2022
Is Klarna avalible in New Mexico? USA coverage explained
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While the online payment service Klarna is accessible across the US, New Mexico shoppers are curious to know if it is also available in the state.

The service allows its customers to make purchases without an upfront charge so they can then pay for the goods later via a payment plan.

In recent years, the Swedish company has expanded across several countries within Europe, including the UK as well as the US.

But is the service available in the US state of New Mexico? Let’s take a look…

Is Klarna available in New Mexico? 

Unfortunately, the payment service is not available for shoppers to use in New Mexico. Klarna confirmed their service was not accessible in the state in a response to a customer query on Twitter. 

In the exchange, a customer explained they had heard that Klarna was not available in the state and wondered if it was correct. In replying to the tweet, the customer service Twitter account for the service, AskKlarna, confirmed it is not, in fact, available in New Mexico.

The response also listed where the service was available around the world, and while the USA was listed, a breakdown of the particular states was not shared.

Klarna has said they are ‘working’ on having service available in the state

The online payment service has previously hinted at the possibility of catering to customers in New Mexico in the future.

In a 2021 tweet responding to a customer question on why the service was not available in New Mexico, the AskKlarna Twitter explained the company was: “working” on the state having access to the service. 

The tweet stated: “While our services are widely offered, they are not universally available. We are working on getting our services available in your area.”

The following year, the customer service Twitter account for the brand followed up on their hopes in another exchange with a user.

In the 2022 tweet, the company affirmed: “We definitely understand how inconvenient it is not to be able to use our services in your state, but we hope to offer services in your area soon!”

New Mexico shoppers are eager for the service’s arrival

While Klarna is not currently available to customers in New Mexico, some who live in the state have yearned for the service to be accessible there over the years on social media.

One Twitter user previously remarked: “I just wanna know why @Klarna doesn’t work in the state of New Mexico.”

Another post echoed: “Still kind of insane how Klarna doesn’t recognize New Mexico as part of the US.”

The desire for the service has even recently sparked its own Reddit thread as users shared their thoughts on why it might not be available in the state.

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