Is Chris Hemsworth vegan? Thor actor’s diet explored

Bruno Cooke June 2, 2021
Is Chris Hemsworth vegan? Thor actor’s diet explored


Chris Hemsworth and brother Liam Hemsworth have both gone in and out of veganism over the years, for a variety of reasons. So, in 2021, is Chris Hemsworth vegan? When did he start being vegan, and when did he stop?

When did Chris Hemsworth start being vegan?

Mens Health famously headlined a story in June 2018 with the bold statement: “Chris Hemsworth’s new vegan diet is saving the world.”

Hemsworth’s trainer apparently revealed the actor’s big secret to losing fat while maintaining muscle was a vegan diet.

Healthline lists a lower risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and a lower risk of colorectal cancer as benefits of eating a vegan diet, especially in the context of bodybuilding.

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Is Chris Hemsworth vegan now?

According to more recent reports, Chris Hemsworth no longer eats an exclusively vegan diet.

Men’s Health spoke to his dietician, Kelly Jones, in December 2020.

Apparently, the older Hemsworth brother often includes three eggs in his daily breakfast. 

He also snacks on yoghurt and beef jerky, and eats “substantial red meat” at mealtimes.

Before that, in a brief interview in June 2019 during his press tour for MIB International, Chris ate Korean snacks containing chicken and dairy.

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When did Chris Hemsworth stop eating a vegan diet?

CelebAnswers writes that Hemsworth’s longest stint as a strict vegan was during the filming of the Marvel movies.

Meanwhile his personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, has said Hemsworth’s diet was “about 95 per cent vegan” during periods of training, which presumably includes getting into shape for movie parts.

Is Liam Hemsworth vegan?

For his part, younger brother Liam Hemsworth had to “completely rethink” his vegan diet after a health complication.

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He underwent surgery for a kidney stone, which he claimed came about because of his diet.

His “morning smoothie” at the time contained “five handfuls of spinach”, as well as almond butter and extra protein.

For more information about whether or not a vegan diet poses a risk of kidney stones, visit LiveKindly’s article on the topic.

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