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Is a hinge a wheel? Twitter's wheels vs doors debate unpacked

Amber Peake March 8, 2022
Is a hinge a wheel? Twitter's wheels vs doors debate unpacked


This week Twitter has been a buzz as users debate whether there are more doors or wheels in the world.

Following the discussion, commenters have begun breaking down items that involve wheels in their home, which has since led to conversations on whether a door hinge is a wheel.

We take a look at the debate as well as why some on Twitter think a hinge could be considered a wheel.

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Twitter’s Door vs wheel debate sparks hinge theories

If you have been on Twitter in the past week, you may be familiar with the doors vs wheel debate. Essentially it all kicked off over the weekend as a few polls asking users what they thought there are more of in the world made the rounds on Twitter.

One poll from Friday (4 March) saw the top answer as doors however, another poll on Saturday had wheels as the most voted for answer.

As it trends online, some have since furthered conversations as they try and count how many doors and wheels are in their homes. This has led to some out-there theories on what qualifies as a wheel with some having since argued a hinge could also be considered a wheel:

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Why does Twitter think a hinge is a wheel?

While a hinge may not appear to have the look of a wheel overall, some Twitter users have suggested the mechanism features a wheel.

A hinge is connected by a pin which allows the door to pivot open and closed with one user having since likened the pin to be a wheel:

Others have gone on to suggest that a hinge could be a wheel due to the way it operates:

In a 2018 article by Sciencing, the pin in a hinge was described as an “elongated wheel,” with another Twitter user featuring the term in a post while adding their thoughts to the door vs wheel debate:

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Other door mechanisms incorporate wheels too

Away from the discussions on whether a hinge is a wheel, some have pointed out that other door mechanisms also feature wheels including that of both sliding and garage doors.

A Helaform guide breaking down the parts needed for a sliding door shows wheels are used within the door’s track to help it glide open and closed.

Wheel components also known as rollers are also used along each side of the garage door to allow easy movement of the door, as explained by Hamburg Doors.

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