How to get a Rumple Buttercup stuffed animal by Matthew Gray Gubler

Eve Edwards December 6, 2022
How to get a Rumple Buttercup stuffed animal by Matthew Gray Gubler
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Matthew Gray Gubler is bringing Christmas early this year with the release of his stuffed animal-style Rumple Buttercup plush.

While the actor is known by many as Dr Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds or for his appearances in the likes of (500) Days of Summer, Gubler has also pursued a career as a painter and illustrator.

This culminated in the publication of his first book, titled Rumple Buttercup: A Story of Bananas, Belonging and Being Yourself. Three years on and Gubler is delighting Rumple Buttercup fans with a new merch drop.

So, in light of the Rumple Buttercup stuffed animal, let’s revisit how Gubler’s character came to be and how to get your hands on some Rumple merch.

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Matthew Gray Gubler published Rumple Buttercup over three years ago

On April 2, 2019, Matthew Gray Gubler published a children’s book about the titular character, Rumple Buttercup.

This story is about being a little bit different and embracing the beauty that brings. Rumple has five crooked teeth, three strands of hair, green skin, and his left foot is slightly bigger than his right; “he is weird,” as the book describes him.

It seems that Gubler’s story about celebrating difference went a long way with audiences, as Rumple Buttercup became a New York Times bestseller.

How to get a Rumple Buttercup stuffed animal

If you’re wanting to get a Rumple Buttercup stuffed animal for yourself, or were hoping to get one of the plush toys for someone special this Christmas, you can do so on Matthew Gray Gubler’s website. The plush is currently for sale on Gubler’s website for $50 USD.

The Rumple Buttercup stuffed toy is designed with state-of-the-art-HUG-technology, making him a cuddly pal to keep you cozy this winter. Rumple also comes with a removable banana peel hat and a left foot that is 11% bigger than his right, as described in Gubler’s book.

Each Rumple Buttercup is unique, as the toy has free-hand air-brushed eyes. Check out some of its adorable features in Gubler’s video below:

Proceeds from Rumple Buttercup stuffed toy goes to charity

In the spirit of Christmas, and just being the generally all-round wonderful person he is, Matthew Gray Gubler is donating a portion of these proceeds to charity.

Some of the proceeds from each Rumple Buttercup stuffed animal will go towards One Step Beyond, Inc. One Step Beyond was founded by Mimi Rogers in 2004. On the One Step Beyond website, they outline their mission as to “provide dynamic programs and services to individuals who have intellectual disabilities and their families, so they may achieve their goals and become fully participating members of our communities.”

Rogers founded the organization after realizing her daughter might not have many opportunities presented to her after graduating from school. Rogers retired as Chief Executive Officer on September 1, 2020. Her children have taken over in her stead. Mimi Rogers’s daughter Madison now serves as CEO and her son, Joe, is CFO.

You can buy more Rumple Buttercup merch

If you are already keen to get your hands on some more Rumple Buttercup merch, there’s plenty on offer via Matthew Gray Gubler’s website.

A number of Rumple merch has already sold out, but there are a few pieces still available. You can get your hands on a $65 golden Rumple necklace or even a Rumple Buttercup pin pack.

Check out all the merch available on Matthew Gray Gubler’s website.

Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Netflix
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