How much is India Royale's engagement ring? Lil Durk gifts major bling

Yasmine Leung December 20, 2021
How much is India Royale's engagement ring? Lil Durk gifts major bling
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Lil Durk proposed to girlfriend India Royale on stage in front of thousands on Sunday (19 December 2021). The influencer and entrepreneur flaunted her new rock on Instagram, so fans are now wondering how much it cost the rapper.

Congratulations to the future Mr and Mrs Banks!

Chicago rapper Lil Durk finally put a ring on girlfriend India Royale’s finger after getting together in 2017. The pair have had an on-off relationship but welcomed daughter Willow in 2018.

Royal took to Instagram to give fans a closer look at her new jewellery. Spoiler alert, it’s a major sparkler.

The proposal comes two months after Lil Durk, real name Durk Derrick Banks, revealed his 2021 birthday wish was to have a son with Royale and get married.

He sure works fast – does this mean baby number two will be on the way soon?

Banks got down on one knee at the WGCI Big Jam concert in Chicago surrounded by friends and family, including his other daughters, Skylar and Bella.

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Stoker Hills | Official Trailer

Stoker Hills | Official Trailer

What kind of engagement ring is it?

Made by an NYC jeweller by the name of Izzy A, the engagement ring is a “GIA ten-carat oval-shape F VVS centre stone surrounded by 30-pointer Emerald cuts in a handmade setting with pave stones around”, as revealed on his Instagram.

GIA is an acronym for Gemological Institute of America, which is considered the world’s leading research institute for gemology and the jewellery arts.

The letter F refers to the colour of the diamond. The scale starts with D, which is regarded as the highest possible grade, while Z is the lowest, indicating a strongly tinted diamond.

F is just two levels below D, so it’s still in the same ‘colourless’ category.

Meanwhile, VVS stands for ‘very very slightly included’ diamond, meaning the stone has blemishes that can only be seen under magnification and not the naked eye. In other words, the diamond is almost perfect. VVS diamonds are only one below an ‘internally flawless (FL)’ diamond.

After learning all that, our final conclusion is Lil Durk must have shelled out a large sum for such a great-quality gem. 

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How much is India Royale’s ring worth?

Ten-carat GIA-certified diamonds can range between $167,200 and $2,245,100, according to DiamondRegistry.

One ten-carat D-colour grade VVS oval ring online is currently available for $401,602.81, while another is priced at $700,000, reduced from $1 million.

Considering India’s band is adorned with 30-pointer emerald-cut diamonds, we’re estimating her ring is worth more than $1 million.

We send our congratulations to the happy couple.

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