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No, there's not a 2021 Gucci advent calendar but fans wish there was

Amber Peake December 5, 2021
Gucci Logo On Shop Window


Days into December, Christmas lovers have taken over social media as they share their daily gifts from their advent calendars. While some prefer the classic chocolate calendar, others have opted to countdown the days till Christmas with a luxury branded calendar.

Gucci is seen to be one of the only brands not to release its own calendar this year, with fans taking to social media as they wish there was one.

House Of Gucci | Interview Special Podcast Trailer

House Of Gucci | Interview Special Podcast Trailer
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Fans wish there was a Gucci advent calendar

As Christmas lovers start their advent calenders this week, sadly, fans will not be opening a Gucci related surprise each day as the fashion brand has not released a 2021 calendar.

While there is not currently a Gucci advent calendar on the market, some fans wish there was:

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Some have made their own

Over the years, some fans of Gucci have shared their love of the brand as they create their own advent calendar:

Those looking to curate their own advent calendar will need to have a large budget as there do not seem to be many items under £50 on the Gucci site. However, we browsed luxury brands site to see some of the things you could include.

Most of Gucci’s beauty range is priced between £20 and £50, meaning you could make your own beauty calendar. One of the cheapest items was the Crayon Définition Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil which is £23 ($30). You could also include a nail polish (£24/ $31) or a lipstick (£35/ $46).

As a treat for the Christmas Eve gift, you could splash out and get a piece of jewellery such as these silver heart stud earrings, which are £160 ($211).

Gucci boutique at Crystals retail and entertainment complex at CityCenter in Las Vegas
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What luxury brands have 2021 calendars?

Gucci is one of the only major fashion brands not to have an advent calendar out this year.

Dior, Chanel and YSL have all released their own 2021 festive gift countdowns for customers. Even Louis Vuitton has it’s own, although it is only available to VIC’s (Very Important Customers).

With luxury calendars popular among shoppers this year, could a Gucci 2022 advent calendar be on the cards?

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