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10 of the most 2021 gingerbread house ideas you will see this Christmas

Bruno Cooke December 10, 2021
View Of A French Bulldog Dog With Gingerbread House On Kitchen Counter At Home


For this year’s gingerbread display, the White House pastry team reportedly used 55 sheets of baked gingerbread, 120lb of pastille, 35lb of chocolate and 25lb of royal icing. You might not have quite such excessive quantities to hand, but a little ambition can go a long way. Here are a few of our favourite gingerbread house ideas for this festive period. Note: do not take calls for “elbow grease” literally.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A gingerbread house needn’t cost an arm and a leg

In the good spirit of festive cheer, Khloé Kardashian flaunted her excessive wealth on Instagram by sharing a “cookie mansion” she bought from Solvang Bakery in Southern California for $1,200, or more.

But money can’t buy style. And, more importantly, homemade wins. With that in mind, let’s hear it for this Twitter user who, alongside valiant teammates, upped the ante on what it means to decorate for Christmas.

If you’re on the lookout for houses on which to model your gingerbread houses – and especially if edifices that spring to mind require a significant degree of adaptation – you could do a lot worse than recreate this. Welcome to Burnt Farm Cottage.

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Meanwhile, a tribute to this Twitter user, whose own gingerbread house creation suffered a hound-sized blow earlier this month. 

And let’s give zero rounds of applause to the individual who apparently “ate half of [their] kid’s gingerbread house” in a drunken rampage. Please. It’s not even Christmas yet.

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Here are some gingerbread houses you might actually be able to make by Christmas 2021

First up is Elles Belles Bakery, whose gingerbread tipis are not only delightful, but also within reach. All it takes is… gingerbread. And icing. Decorate in a way that pleases you – stars, names, cute festive messages. You could even hide a little something inside as a surprise.

Next, while a display of this level may be out of reach, you might try your hat at constructing a gingerbread vehicle of some sort. No need for it to run. And don’t worry about the wheels turning, either. Start simple and work up to what makes you happy.

Lastly, but not leastly, here’s one for all the Doctor Who fans. And it comes with a step-by-step breakdown of how to make it.

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And now here are some truly excessive but undeniably stylish gingerbread houses

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas (apparently) without some sort of Hogwarts reference. The magic of Harry Potter-land shares something, it seems, with the magic of Christmas.

Next up is another feat of imagination. The ultimate gingerbread creation? You be the judge. 

And finally, because it completes the triumvirate (not so much for its artistry – although there is something to be said for the dragon), here’s a fun video that captures one family’s attempt to recreate the magic of… Game Of Thrones.

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