Get to know yourself during quarantine

Reham Al-Eryani May 4, 2020
Get to know yourself during quarantine

The lock-down doesn’t have to mean misery. Perhaps you can use the time to get to know yourself? Reham Al-Eryani spells out how ‘sitting with yourself’ can bring benefits to your life.

Come on, hurry up and sit with yourself. Yes, spend time with yourself!
We are always on the go chasing something, which rarely allows us to find the time to look at ourselves. I don’t mean looking at ourselves in the mirror, which is something I’m sure we all do every day.

From the beginning of this lock-down until now, have you found the time to sit and completely focus on yourself? I’m not talking about spending ‘me’ time doing yoga, having a bath or writing up your life-changing quarantine goals.

Don’t fall into that trap

I can see you’re falling into the trap of always being on the go and trying to accomplish as much as you can during lock-down. You want to complete that training, exercise those abs or find another job to earn more cash.

That’s what we all do as humans, we are goal-seekers. We believe the more we accomplish, the happier we are. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s all about balance and starting from the roots. We are trying to plant a healthy root here.

What is it?

Sitting with yourself means sitting on a chair. Yes, it’s as simple as that! Sitting in any comfortable position and anywhere in your home. Speaking to yourself with honesty in a loud voice. No-one will think you’re crazy because no-one is in the room – so no need to worry!

Apart from yoga, new recipes and cooking, how many good deeds have you done during lock-down?

I’m telling you now, if you don’t sit with yourself and take the chance during this lock–down you’re missing a lot, if not everything! It’s the whole point.

The conversation should go like this

When you’re comfortable and seated, think about you. Ask yourself: “How are you?” The hassle you’ve been through in these past years, has it been worth it? Are you happy? Are you ok with every part of your life and scenario? Do you want to keep everything or do you want to change something?

Sit with yourself, reflect, evaluate, confront, pray and breathe. Then, when you’re done, set some goals for yourself according to the whole conversation. Set it after getting to know yourself more – who you really are, what you really want. We always change and replenish. After all, we are in this life for a journey of self-discovery.

Ok, so now you can go do that yoga, training or whatever you want to do. But don’t forget to take time to sit with yourself every once in a while and reflect.

Speaking to a stranger

It might be intimidating to speak to yourself. It’s a bit like speaking to a stranger you haven’t spoken to in a while, if not years. You may also discover things when you speak to yourself – things you’ve been avoiding.

However, it’s better to face them, grow and reflect. If, after reading this, you decide to sit with yourself, let me know how it went. Email [email protected]

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