As lock-down lingers on, the adage ‘your home is your sanctuary’ has never rung truer. Daisy Costello shares her top tips to clean your home and mind.

Spending more time at home with our families to help stop the spread of covid-19, it’s inevitable that our homes and minds may feel unorganised and in need of a clean.

If that lived-in look is leaving you feeling more lack-lustre, here are some simple tips to keep your home shiny and your mind clearer.

Clockwise clean

Coined by cleaning heroine Mrs Hinch, the ‘Clockwise Cleanis the perfect way to manage an overwhelming list of chores.

Simply choose a room and clean it in a clockwise rotation, starting at ‘12 o’clock’ which is directly in front of you as you enter.

It may not sound like much, but mixing up your cleaning routine means you can pay attention to areas of the room you might otherwise neglect.

Podcasts and audiobooks

Even if multi-tasking isn’t your thing, there’s nothing stopping you from sticking your earphones in to whistle while you work.

Enlighten yourself with an inspirational podcast or indulge in some escapism with an audiobook whilst you wield the feather duster.

Some of the best platforms to get your daily podcasts include Luminary, Spotify and Apple Podcasts, whilst Audible holds the crown for audiobooks.

If you’d rather not sign up to another streaming service, podcast hosts such as Russell Brand and Tim Ferris upload their shows to YouTube.

Declutter for a clearer mind

Sometimes, the sheer volume of our belongings can weigh both our minds and shelves.

Decluttering is the perfect way to free up space at home and clear our minds at the same time.

Sorting through wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and other cluttered areas in our home might also make way for unexpected earnings.

You could flog unwanted wares on eBay and Depop, or even donate belongings to your local charity collection.

Start decluttering your home by sorting paperwork and keeping it all in one neat box. You could also organise your spice rack (who knew you had three half-empty chilli powders?)

Decluttering gives you more control and prevents repetitive purchases of products you already own. For more inspiration, check out the Declutter Dollies and the famed minimalist, Marie Kondo.

Zoflora hour

Another favourite of Mrs Hinch is using this family-favourite disinfectant (or any other germ-killing product) to leave your home squeaky clean and germ-free.

After checking out Zoflora’s website for tips on usage, set aside an hour a week to eliminate pesky germs on easy-to-forget areas such as light switches, remote controls and electronic devices.

Knowing you’ve taken action to eliminate germs throughout your home will leave you with some much-needed peace of mind during these uncertain times.

So, there you have it – my four squeaky-clean tips to treat your home and minds like the sanctuaries they are.

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