DIY Dr Fauci costume for Halloween? Don't mind if we do

Yasmine Leung October 11, 2021
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There’s no better time to dress up than Halloween so here are some easy DIY ideas to truly wear something ‘trendy’ like a Dr Fauci costume!

Ever get stuck for unique Halloween costume ideas? Well, there’s one that is extremely easy and current for 2021 – Dr Anthony Fauci.

Yes, the chief medical advisor to the president of the United States.

The 80-year-old has been the subject of criticism during the past two years, which is why dressing up as him this Halloween would definitely be an interesting conversation starter at any party.

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Fauci’s comment on Halloween 2021

Dr Fauci approved the celebration of Halloween for children on Sunday, 10 October 2021 when speaking to CNN’s State Of The Union. Addressing the topic of trick-or-treating, he said:

“You can get out there – you’re outdoors for the most part, at least, when my children were out there doing trick-or-treating – and enjoy it. I mean, this is a time that children love. It’s a very important part of the year for children.”

His statement has been met with online criticism, particularly since he claimed on Sunday, 3 October 2021 it was “just too soon to tell” whether families would spend Christmas together.

After a wave of frustration from the public, he responded to CNN saying his comments had been misinterpreted:

“That was misinterpreted as my saying we can’t spend Christmas with our families, which was absolutely not the case. I will be spending Christmas with my family.”

Dr Fauci said what he intended to say was it was too early to judge the circumstances in December, and not uncertainty about family gatherings.

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How to: Dr Fauci Halloween costume

Becoming Fauci is straightforward since all you require is a dark blue or black suit matched with a light blue shirt and a dark blue patterned tie.

Pair them with a short grey wig parted on the side and thin silver-rimmed glasses.

To make sure your get-up is obvious, you can wear a name tag with Fauci written on it.

Alternatively, sport a white lab coat with a light blue shirt and a dark patterned tie, as well as the wig and glasses. Add the name tag and print the circular NIAID Laboratory logo for the finishing touches.

If you definitely don’t want to be mistaken for someone else, print or buy a Fauci mask.

Most importantly, remember to stand with your arms crossed all night, the same way he does in his profile photos on the internet.

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Other covid-themed Halloween costumes

Work-from-home Zoom call uniform

Yes, it’s a uniform because everyone who worked from home during lock-down wore this outfit every day – a smart shirt or blouse matched with sweatpants or boxers on the bottom. Who needs to look 100% professional if the boss is only going to see the top half?

Face-mask bikini

Anyone who likes to go a little sexy for Halloween could try the controversial face-mask bikini trend that popped up at the beginning of the pandemic.

Instagram influencers were criticised for wearing masks as bikinis during a period when supplies were scarce. Obviously, you’re going to be a little chilly, so you could try wearing only the ‘bikini’ top and regular trousers and coat on top.

Hand sanitiser

Become the holy grail of the pandemic with a hand sanitiser costume that can be bought on Amazon or made using a cardboard box and paper.

To make the costume, find a box that is big enough to hang from your shoulders to above the knee. Cut a hole for your head on the short side and two holes for each of your arms to go through.

For the lid of the sanitiser, use study paper and stick two ends together so it becomes a cylinder. Cut out two circles from another piece of paper to make the top and bottom of the cylinder. Finally, stick the completed cylinder to a hairband.

Paint the ‘lid’ hairband and cardboard box to match your desired sanitiser brand and you’re good to go!

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