Fans are wondering whether Donut Operator has a girlfriend or is married after rumours circulated he’s no longer with Wine Operator.

Who is Donut Operator?

Cody Garrett, aka Donut Operator, is a police officer turned YouTuber. He was born on 3 September 1987 in South Carolina, USA. He has one son, John, from a previous relationship.

His YouTube account, which he made in February 2016, has 2.86 million subscribers at the time of writing. His YouTube bio says: “Hello everyone! I’m Donut Operator. I’m a former police officer and SWAT team member and avid PC gamer.”

His videos consist of gaming content and breakdowns of police videos and footage, which can be found online. Fans can follow him on his official Instagram account.

Does Donut Operator have a girlfriend?

He was known to be dating Kayley, aka Wine Operator, but since late 2020 this no longer seems to be the case. People are now saying he is dating a friend Jessica Mandala, who can be seen in a video with him, which he posted earlier today (3 June 2021). In the video, Jessica, Cody and a group of friends go fishing.

The two have been seen hanging out on numerous occasions but there is no confirmation to say whether the two are dating. His current relationship status online shows as “unmarried“, seeming to mean he and Kayley have called it quits.

Did he and Kayley aka Wine Operator break up?

Aside from clues available on Donut Operator’s social media and videos, fans have noticed some hints at a breakup on Kayley’s online accounts as well.

Kayley took to Twitter today (3 June 2021) to talk about comments made about her blog post, entitled Something Personal, in which she detailed her experience of mental and physical abuse with an unknown ex. However, she didn’t draw a connection between the post and her relationship with Donut Operator.

In another blog post entitled Moving On Kayley states: “I finally feel like I have the freedom to be who I am again, and some of you might not like who that person turns out to be.”

Moving On hints at Kayley now being single, but doesn’t mention the other party involved.

Please note: These allegations have not been clarified by either party. Therefore, the reason for their breaking up remains unclear at this time.

Fans can follow Kayley on her official Instagram account.

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