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Does crying make your eyelashes longer? Beauty myth debunked

Amber Peake June 16, 2022
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Over the years, you’ve probably heard the online rumour that crying can help your eyelashes to grow longer and have wondered if there is any truth to it.

While the bizarre claim has circulated across the internet for quite some time, this week it has resurfaced. As it takes over social media again, we debunk the rumour.

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Does crying make your eyelashes longer?

No, sadly, crying does not actually help with the growth of your eyelashes. While it’s good to have a good cry sometimes, there does not appear to be any evidence to support the idea that crying can help your eyelashes to grow.

There are three types of tears basal, that coat the eye, reflex, which are released as a response to irritation of the eye area, and emotional tears, which are produced when a person is overwhelmed by emotion.

Emotional tears are said to include stress hormones, including one named cortisol. While cortisol has previously been linked to the function of hair follicles, increased levels are actually said to have more of an impact on the hair cycle.

As explained by Daily Medicos, eyelashes may look longer when crying as tears can make eyelashes appear more straight and prominent therefore highlighting their length.

Byrdie also adds that tears can temporarily offer hydration to more brittle lashes, but they do not impact growth.

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Bizzare myth takes over social media

The claim that crying helps your eyelashes grow appears to have circulated across social media for some time. Mentions on Twitter dating back to 2015 with the belief having later crossed over to TikTok in 2020.

While it has been around for a while, the rumour has made waves on TikTok in particular, as it has appeared in several videos on ‘crying facts‘.

The belief has once again resurfaced this week on Twitter as users believe it to actually work:

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Crying may not help, but you can still grow your lashes

While tears may not be the answer for long fluttery eyelashes, you may still be able to achieve your desired growth.

Of course, eyelash length is influenced by genetics, but other factors, including hygiene and health conditions, may also affect growth.

As explained by Cosmopolitan, it is possible to grow your lashes longer, but it can be a bit of a process. The publication notes the use of a growth serum may help achieve longer lashes as well as making sure to remove eye make-up after wearing and use of conditioning serums.

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