What is the meaning behind demon time? Unexpected origin unpacked

Amber Peake November 17, 2021
What is the meaning behind demon time? Unexpected origin unpacked


The term ‘demon time’ has made its rounds on social media this week in various contexts leaving some users perplexed at what the phrase means.

We explore the meaning behind ‘demon time’ as people are curious to know how the term originated online.

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Demon time’s meaning explored

The term demon time seems to have taken on a multitude of meanings as it is used across social media. As per Urban Dictionary, the most popular meaning of the term refers to a time at night “when all inhibitions are let loose“.

The term in this context has been used by a number of well-known artists including Beyonce, Meek Mill and The Weekend.

However, this isn’t the only meaning of the term as it seems to have been used in the world of sports. One basketball fan recently used the term in celebration of Steph Curry’s form this season:

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Demon time’s origin unpacked

While demon time has taken on many meanings, the term appears to derive from a more explicit origin. According to Complex, the phrase rose to popularity last year for its link to late-night Instagram live-streams in which ‘dancers’ perform for viewers.

The streams are said to have started after the closure of strip clubs following the pandemic. As the live-streams became more popular, dancers became known as demons, therefore demon time took on the meaning of watching these streams.

However, others have claimed the term was around well before the live-streams, with another possible definition on Urban Dictionary dating to 2011. It links the term to 3am when demons are believed to “come out to play“.

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Term features in TikTok trend

In September, rapper Trippie Redd used the term as the title of his track featuring Ski Mask The Slump God. The song started to trend on TikTok as fans quoted the intro line, which features the song’s title.

Some users went on to apply the phrase demon time to different contexts in videos along with the expressify TikTok filter, which gave the look of a devilish grin.

The term has once again taken on different meanings within the trend as users apply it to different situations in their relationships:

Who knows what meaning the term will take on next!

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