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Weird Dall-E Mini Generations account reaches 100K Twitter following

Filiz Mustafa June 10, 2022

A Twitter account called Weird Dall-E Mini Generations has amassed more than 100k followers thanks to a now-viral AI image generator.

If your social media accounts are filled with weird renders, then you probably have come across the image-generating software Dall-E that went viral this week.

The AI program gives users the opportunity to experiment with images of celebrities and different scenarios that create odd and hilarious images.

And now, a Twitter account has gained a massive fan base thanks to the sudden interest in the software.

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Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Sneak Peek | Netflix

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Sneak Peek | Netflix

What is Dall-E Mini?

The Dall-E Mini is an image-generating program which uses artificial intelligence to create a series of renders based on information given by users. The program is based on the OpenAI devised software GPT-3 and was initially created in 2021.

Users can experiment with phrases like ‘Taylor Swift eating ice cream’ or ‘Paddington on The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and run the program to see what they will get as a result.

The image generator has taken the internet by the storm, leading to hilarious memes and all sorts of weird online creations.

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How to use the program

If you want to recreate your own bizarre images, you can use the Dall-E Mini generator here.

Once on the site, users will be asked to type a prompt of their choice. Users can experiment with different art styles, celebrities, animated characters, movie characters or scenarios.

After entering the phrase of your choice into the generator, you can click ‘run’ and wait for the six-by-six grid masterpiece to be created.

10 best images from Weird Dall-E Mini Generations

If you need some inspiration, we found 10 hilarious examples from the popular Twitter account Weird Dall-E Mini Generations which already has more than 100,000 followers. Take a look at the images below:

Donkey Kong on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Breaking Bad fans, this is for you.

One more here – this time it’s a render of Walter White and internet meme Gigachad.

Paddington in the mosh pit of a metal concert.

Trail camera footage of Super Mario.

Or a burning Super Mario. The character looks like a Marvel superhero.

Joe Biden at a furry convention is another weird generated image.

This is both weird and wonderful at the same time.

A trail cam of a washing machine.

LittleBigPlanet in Saving Private Ryan.

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