Cj So Cool has a new girlfriend: Iiiamtaata's age and real name revealed

Leigh McManus June 2, 2021
Cj So Cool has a new girlfriend: Iiiamtaata's age and real name revealed
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After splitting from Royalty, YouTuber and rapper Cj So Cool has a new girlfriend, named Iiiamtaata on Instagram, and people want to know her real name as well as her age. Let’s take a look.

Who is Cj So Cool?

Cordero James Brady, better known online as CJ So Cool, is an American YouTuber and rapper known for making prank videos.

According to Fandom, the 32-year-old was born in Gary, Indiana. He previously worked as a casino craps, blackjack, and poker dealer.

The site also states Cj So Cool is a US Navy veteran. He and his ex, Royalty, welcomed twins Cordayah and Cordero Jr in 2020.

He has a daughter, Camari, through a previous relationship and is step-father to Royalty’s children Leonidas, J’aaliyah and Karnation, according to Famous Birthdays.

He has more than 8.7 million subs on YouTube and 4.4 million followers on Instagram. The YouTube sensation is known for his reaction videos. He refers to his subscribers as the Wolfpack, as heard in his catchphrase “What’s happening Wolfpack?” 

He started his channel in 2014 but in February 2016 CJ announced on his Twitter his YouTube had been hacked. He later wrote on his channel description: “My page was hacked and they deleted everything now I must start from the bottom again.”

CJ So Cool reveals his new girlfriend

In recent videos, the YouTube personality revealed he has a new girlfriend, despite debating whether to fly his ex, Samantha, from Indiana to his home in Los Angeles.

So, who is Iiiamtaata? According to her social media, she works as a hair stylist.

Tata has more than 227,000 followers on Instagram and her bio contains a link to a YouTube channel that doesn’t have any videos yet.

According to Famous Birthdays, she founded the Kabello Salon, which offers extensions and wigs.

Iiiamtaata’s age and real name revealed

The same site states Iiiamtaata is 23 years old, nine years younger than her new boyfriend. Her real name is Tata Jimenez, according to her Instagram.

Cj So Cool was in a serious relationship with Charlene Young, also known as Royalty, and even claims he was ready to tie the knot.

“I was about to propose. I didn’t want this to happen but it happened and it’s time for me to move on,” he said in his most recent YouTube video, alluding to the pair’s break up.

On 4 March, Royalty went live on Instagram and recorded as she left CJ’s house along with her children. Their eight-year relationship came to a halt after Young alleged the rapper cheated on her.

Also in his last video, Cj So Cool appeared to confirm that, stating cheating is “in his nature” and it’s “all I know” because of an unsteady upbringing.

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