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Is Caprisongs on vinyl? FKA Twigs drops lockdown mixtape

Yasmine Leung January 14, 2022
Is Caprisongs on vinyl? FKA Twigs drops lockdown mixtape
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

FKA Twigs has released her first mixtape, Caprisongs, and its music to our ears. No wonder fans are wondering whether it’s on vinyl.

The pandemic may have left some of us uninspired, but FKA Twigs seized the opportunity to get herself out of that mindset and creating more music.

It’s definitely paid off since it’s receiving raving reviews from both fans and critics; Nylon has praised Caprisongs for its honesty since “it feels like an album Twigs made for herself first. They are the songs she needed to hear to revitalize herself.”

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The Girl Before | Official Trailer | HBO Max

The Girl Before | Official Trailer | HBO Max


Twigs managed to unite some of the biggest names in rap and R&B, including the likes of The Weekend, British rapper Shygirl, Daniel Caeser, and Jorja Smith.

  1. Ride the Dragon
  2. Honda ft Pa Salieu
  3. Meta Angel
  4. Tears In The Club ft The Weeknd
  5. Oh My Love
  6. Pamplemousse
  7. Caprisongs Interlude ft Solo
  8. Lightbeamers
  9. Papi Bones ft Shygirl
  10. Which Way ft Dystopia
  11. Jealousy ft Rema
  12. Careless ft Daniel Caeser
  13. Minds Of Men
  14. Track Girl Interlude
  15. Darjeeling ft Jorja Smith and Unknown T
  16. Christi Interlude
  17. Thank You Song

Is Caprisongs on vinyl?

Vinyl is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its nostalgia and analog sound that digital tracks lack. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the album artworks and colourful LP’s are so aesthetically pleasing.

FKA Twigs would undoubtedly be no exception – one of her previous releases came out in red, so one fan has been getting creative with their own vinyl design.

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Unfortunately, Caprisongs in not on vinyl – yet. It’s more common for official studio albums.

That being said though, Playboi Carti’s eponymous debut mixtape was available on vinyl five months after the initial release in 2017. so it’s still possible.

Twigs has not yet spoken about any Caprisongs merch; her official store is currently closed and reads “opening soon”, so an upcoming release sounds very likely.

Caprisongs may not be available yet, but here are some of her other records you can find on vinyl.

“How dare you say it’s bad”, says Twitter

Fans are completely blown away by the masterpiece that is Caprisongs, and if you didn’t like it, don’t let them know.

You could end up like Richard Madden in The Eternals:

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