Best hacks for cheap, last-minute Broadway tickets to make date night magical

Danielle Salt August 18, 2022
Best hacks for cheap, last-minute Broadway tickets to make date night magical
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Dinner and a Broadway show sounds like the ideal New York date night, but how can you bag the best tickets without busting the budget?

From Hamilton to The Lion King, there are so many options to suit anyone’s taste in the Broadway theaters, but why does it have to cost so much?

Here are a few hacks to try and run down the expense – hopefully, they can save you some money so you can afford even more romantic dates in the future.

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A Saxophone Player on Broadway near Times Square at night. The Musician entertains the public with his Performance.

1. Go to the TKTS

Located on Broadway on 47th Street is the TKTS booth which is known for selling same-day discounted tickets for a lot of hit Broadway musicals.

You can get up to 50% off and the booth contains a separate line for people wanting to attend plays only, which could really cut down on the waiting line.

To see what is available at the booth on a certain day you can download the app TKTS which will tell you what tickets you can pick up from the booth that same day.

2. Download the app TodayTix

This is a great option for those who don’t want to stand in a line or if you want to find specific seats.

This app allows you to book discounted broadway tickets up to a week before the showing meaning you can have more clarification of your plans and what you are going to watch.

3. Go to the Box Office

Sometimes going to the box office for the specific show you want to see can sometimes be the best deal due to the fact it removes any go-between.

You can also have access to a seating plan and they can let you know where to get the best discounts.

Sometimes if you visit the box office right before the show starts you can also get cheap tickets just before the show begins.

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4. Book tickets during the quiet season

The cheapest tickets are usually available when you visit New York outside of the tourist season.

The best time to get these tickets is during January and February when schools are back in session and people are mostly working.

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5. Consider a membership

You can join a yearly membership at TDF which can allow you to get good ticket deals days before the show.

On top of this, you will have access to viewing broadway shows for just $11. All you have to do is pay a fee upfront, currently $35, and then you gain access all year to buying cheap tickets before they even go on sale to the general public.

6. Try Broadway Roulette

Broadway Roulette is a fun and interesting way to get tickets, especially if you want to go on a spontaneous date.

For either $49 or $59 on the morning of the show, you are sent a notification stating what show you have tickets for and what seats you are in.

You are given the guarantee of definitely getting tickets, but the downside is you just won’t know until the day of the performance.

7. Consider viewing a standing performance

If you really want to see a specific show some places will admit extra audience members who can stand and watch at the back.

This is a good idea if you are unable to spend a lot of money as these tickets are on average $30.

Unfortunately, you won’t know if you can be admitted until just before the show commences so make sure to have a date backup plan like dinner or a movie if you can’t get in.

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