Alphalete unveils 2022 Black Friday sale: Release date and discount code

Bruno Cooke November 15, 2022
Alphalete unveils 2022 Black Friday sale: Release date and discount code


Houston-based athletics brand Alphalete promoted its 2022 Black Friday sale via Instagram on Monday, featuring leggings and sports bras in five new pebble print colors.

Fitness and lifestyle influencer Bailey Stewart has already posted a review of the products on YouTube, plus details of a discount code.

“Take a seat… The show is about to begin,” reads the brand’s latest tweet. Followed by: “Alphalete Black Friday 2022.”

For details of what’s in it, plus when the sale will begin and how to get products at reduced prices, read on.

Very Terry – Alphalete’s New Matching Sets – Review & Everything You Need To Know | YouTube channel Alphalete

When does the Alphalete 2022 Black Friday sale begin? 

According to Alphalete’s latest Instagram post on the topic, the athletics brand will be releasing new products on November 19, 2022 at 12pm CST.

It will end at 12am CST on November 29. 

Included in the Black Friday sale this year are sets of sports bras and leggings in five new pebble print colors. Specifically, these colors are: misty lilac, mocha, whale blue, stone grey, and black. But that’s not all. There will also be hoodies, and various items of clothing designed for men.

The day-old Instagram post advertising Alphalete’s 2022 Black Friday sale has already picked up nearly 9K likes on the social media platform, suggesting there is some interest among followers of the brand – or, at least, in its leggings.

Discount codes for Alphalete’s Black Friday leggings and more

Fitness and lifestyle vlogger Bailey Stewart posted a lengthy review and try-on video to her YouTube channel on November 13, in which she samples Alphalete’s new Surface, Alphalux and ALPHALux products.

It runs to over 26 minutes. She begins by explaining some key details regarding Alphalete’s 2022 Black Friday sale. 

She then explains the prices of various items, tries on and reviews pairs of leggings, shorts and bras, plus hoodies and crew tops, and then selects her top picks of the bunch. 

Stewart also explains that shoppers can use the discount code “BAILEY” in order to get an extra 10% off Alphalete’s Black Friday sale products.

ALPHALETE Black Friday sale LAUNCH 2022 | in depth review, surface & alphalux legging try on haul | YouTube channel Bailey Stewart

Details of the sale

“Everything on the site, new and old, is going to be discounted,” Stewart says in her video. As someone with a connection to the brand, she says she has specific knowledge of the 2022 Alphalete Black Friday sale. “Between 10% and 80% off.”

Her video then includes screenshots of various tables, purportedly including details of specific discounts on product lines organised by product and gender.

There are men’s items launching, too. These include hoodies, classic crewneck sweaters, T-shirts, emblem stringers, shorts and studio pants. 

Many of the new men’s clothing items launching as part of Alphalete’s 2022 Black Friday sale come in the following colors: mocha, muted purple, hunter green, burgundy, whale blue, heather grey and black.

The material of the leggings, she says, is “brushed and soft,” but has “more of a spandex feel.”

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Alphalete still has a Black Friday 2022 sale announcement to make

According to the brand’s Instagram bio, it will “reveal” a “secret” on Friday, November 18, 2022 at 12pm CST.

That’s exactly 24 hours before its Black Friday sale actually begins, on November 19 at 12pm CST.

The duration of the sale is 10 days. Black Friday itself will fall midway through the sale. It falls on November 25 this year.

“Even if I wasn’t sent this,” Bailey says towards the end of her review video of a garment she particularly likes, “I would be buying every single color on the site. That’s how much I love it.”

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