Alani Nu Black Friday 2021 sale: How to shop the best deals

Darcy Rafter November 19, 2021
Alani Nu Black Friday 2021 sale: How to shop the best deals
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With the biggest Black Friday annual sale coming from Alani Nu, health gurus are desperate to know the best deals for their 2021 shopping spree.

In the sale, you’ll find all sorts of supplements including vitamin tablets, protein shakes and energy drinks. Here are some of our favourite deals and flavours to purchase.

You need to head to the site now as the buy one get one free deal will run out in two hours!

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Alani Nu Black Friday 2021 sale

The early Black Friday sale started today at 12 pm ET. There was a two hour buy one get one free flash sale with limited edition restocks and more discounts than ever before.

The BOGO DEAL is in place until stocks run out or until Monday, 29th November. Promotions do not apply to subscriptions and be warned that you can’t combine promotions.

Alani Nu only do one big sale a year like this and it’s on a first come first served basis so get in there fast. Although, if you missed out on the deals when they went live at mid-day then do not panic because they are stretching the Black Friday sales to a whole ten days.

Shop the best deals

Here are some of the best deals for you to shop for this Black Friday sale. Within the first two hours of the sale, it was buy one get one free. But don’t worry if you missed it because there’s still a deal on where you can buy one and get the next item 50% off.

The flavour restocks include; Witches Brew Energy, Electric Tie Die Energy, and Trippy Hippi Energy.

PWO 30 servings each flavour was once $39.99 and it is now $19.99.

PWO 20 servings Mimosa was once £27.99 and it is now $9.99.

The balance powder in Rainbow Candy and Hawaiian Shaved Ice was once $59.99 and it is now $19.99.

The BCAA 30 servings were once $39.99 and it is now $19.99 in the flavour artic white.

Immunity Gummies were once $14.99 and it is now $6.99.

Whey Protein in Lemon Meringue was once $44.99 and it is now $19.99.

Fans react to Alani Nu sale

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