Fitness regimen CrossFit incorporates elements from HIIT, gymnastics, calisthenics and more. But it’s no good unless you understand the jargon. So, what does HWPO mean in CrossFit?

What does HWPO mean in CrossFit?

HWPO stands for “Hard Work Pays Off”. The letters represent the personal mantra of “Fittest Man on Earth” Mat Fraser.

Fraser earned the moniker after winning five consecutive CrossFit titles.

The acronym HWPO adorns the sock-liner of Nike’s Metcon 5 Mat Fraser training shoe. Fraser’s signature also appears on the transparent outsole. The shoes have been available since June of 2019.

Mat Fraser’s retirement from CrossFit

Yesterday, after a career spanning eight years, Mat Fraser surprised CrossFit communities by announcing his retirement from competitive CrossFit. He signed off his Instagram post with the acronym, “HWPO”.

To explain some of his thoughts and reflections, Fraser penned an article in Morning Chalk Up titled Why I’m Retiring. In the piece, he wrote that “the hard work paid off”.

“But now”, he continued, “I’m ready to make decisions based on how they affect my family, friends, health, and happiness, not only my performance.”

CrossFit terminology: understanding the jargon

There are several other terms you may be unfamiliar with if you are taking up CrossFit for the first time.

what does hwpo mean in crossfit
BAKU, AZERBAIJAN – APRIL 10: Azerbaijani judo trainer and CrossFit master Mardan Gadirli perforns an exercise routine at his home during a lockdown amid concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus on April 10, 2020 in Baku, Azerbaijan. 991 cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection have been recorded in Azerbaijan with 10 deaths. (Photo by Aziz Karimov/Getty Images)

CrossFit sessions usually take places in “boxes”, rather than gyms, for example. This is because of the regimen’s focus on calisthenic training techniques that make use of the body’s weight, rather than relying on objects.

WOD means “Workout Of the Day”, and is pronounced like the word “wad” (as in, a wad of cash). Every WOD has a score, which allows participants to gauge improvement over time.

Metcon – the model that served as the basis for Mat Fraser’s collaborative shoe design with Nike – stands for Metabolic Conditioning. Nike designed the Metcon training shoe specifically for CrossFit.

Metcon training sessions intersperse bouts of intense activity with periods of rest, in order to improve stamina and endurance.

Refinery29 have collected a dozen other CrossFit terms if you’re curious to explore further.

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