Instead of making you feel you lack something, as some channels do, here are ten YouTubers providing content about improving your mindframe and life during lock-down. It’s the chicken soup of YouTube!

The yogi social worker 

Timothy Gordon has been hosting livestreams with other counsellors every day since lock-down began. He uses a technique called ACT, which is a form of psychological therapy that combines positive thinking with practical elements such as yoga and meditation.

Timothy Gordon hosts mental health chats and provides practical tips and insights into how to stay healthy during confinement

The low-buy freelancer 

The Personal Philosophy Project is about genuine self-improvement without the Instagram gloss. Cinzia is a freelance copywriter who makes videos on self-love, mental health, freelancing and how to stop frittering away your money on things you don’t need. Known as a low-buy on YouTube, it’s a great antidote to the conspicuous consumption a lot of social media content consists of.  

If you’re a fellow freelancer, a lot of what Cinzia has to say will resonate

The millionaire millennial  

A millionaire before 30, Graham Stephan’s strategy is extreme frugality so he can keep investing back into his business. He breaks down how to take control of your finances on his main channel in entertaining, easily digestible chunks that leave you inspired, not full of FOMO. Meanwhile, his videos on The Graham Stephan Show criticise other people’s spending and are funny but effective at getting you to critique your own habits.  

Graham Stephan is one of the few people who can make personal finance seem fun

The social critic 

Kat is a black trans woman who talks frankly about sex, privilege, race and gender. She chats, sips tea and invites you to get your own cuppa before she gets started, which makes you feel as though you’re having a heartfelt conversation with a particularly thoughtful friend.  

Kat is an outspoken critic but keeps her tone respectful and insightful

The self-improvement minimalist 

Nathaniel explores mental health issues with beautifully shot videos that still feel authentic. He talks about perfectionism, procrastination, and dealing with the toll of confinement.  

Nathaniel’s videos aren’t just thoughtful, they are visually stunning

 The alternative lifestyle guy 

If there was ever a time to start researching how to escape civilisation and live in a stunning off-the-grid home, it’s now. Living Big In A Tiny House brings you different tiny homes around the world, showing how people have dramatically downsized to live a better, more minimalist lifestyle. If your dream is to live in a tiny cabin in the woods, this channel is for you. There’s something really wholesome about Bryce enthusing over clever use of space or the virtues of a full-size kitchen.  

Like the best property programme you’ve ever watched, but better

The empowered woman  

Patricia Bright is already a well-known fashion and beauty YouTuber. What many people don’t know about her, however, is she also studied finance at university and used to work at Merrill Lynch before switching to YouTube full-time. She’s got charisma AND credentials and talks about mindset and personal finance on her new channel.  

Patricia’s high-energy videos never feel fake. She’s your own personal cheerleader

The foreign language tribe 

Are you trying to learn a new language? There will be a whole ecosystem out there of influencers talking about subjects you care about in your target language. Make practising your listening skills painless and fun by seeking them out. It will make studying a language feel effortless.  


 The vintage goddess  

Jessica has a gorgeous, vintage aesthetic but her channel is way more than simply fashion. She talks about how to stay safe and sane during quarantine and what it’s like to live with an invisible disability. Her voice is so soothing I could listen to her read a grocery list.  

Confinement has never been this glam

 The life hacker 

Matt is into minimalism but he’s also into trying different productivity hacks and healthy habits to improve your mental health and general quality of life. His video about procrastination is extremely helpful for anyone whose healthy routines have been thrown out of whack by confinement.  

It’s much harder to avoid procrastination when you’re stuck at home – but Matt has got you covered

 If you find yourself spending way too much time on social media during confinement, filling that space with people who can have a positive impact on your mental health can help.  

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