US R&B artist Jazmine Sullivan’s weight loss story is gaining fans’ attention as her new album, Heaux Tales, debuts. Twitter is going wild with praise for the artist and her work. Let’s take a look at some reactions and find out more about the lifestyle change that led to Jazmine’s spectacular weight loss.

How and why did Jazmine Sullivan lose weight?

Sullivan cut her weight down by 50 pounds, according to The Beet, by switching to a vegan diet. 

However, being skinny was never the goal, Sullivan wrote on her Instagram story. She took to the platform to defend herself against followers who described her new look as “sickly”.

The Beet quoted her as writing, “last week some people dragged me saying I look sickly. […] But I ain’t skinny and that was never my goal.”

Instead, Sullivan continued, “My goal was to support my mother through her battle with cancer by going vegan with her and, in turn, it helped me as well. And I feel really good.”

View a screenshot of Jazmine Sullivan’s Instagram Story on Rap-Up.

The reaction from Twitter

One Twitter user connected the recent media attention surrounding Jazmine Sullivan’s latest EP, Heaux Tales, to her weight loss.

They contributed a guess that her weight loss might lead to more acknowledgement of her talents as a singer.

Others saw praise of Jazmine Sullivan’s new look as “proof” that the music industry denied her coverage because she was overweight.

Meanwhile, others sought to dispel any such ideas.

What is Jazmine Sullivan’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jazmine Sullivan’s net worth is $7 million. However, this is an estimate and may be inaccurate.

Regardless, she has had multiple successes as a performing artist. On one of her earliest on-stage appearances, Sullivan sang with Stevie Wonder at his grandson’s birthday when she was just 13. 

She also worked with Missy Elliott in 2007, and released her #1 debut single Need U Bad in 2008.

By 2010, Sullivan had earned seven Grammy nominations and written songs for Jennifer Hudson and Mary J Blige.

Who are Jazmine Sullivan’s parents?

Her mother, Pam Sullivan, was a singer in choirs in Philadelphia when Jazmine was born. She was also a backup singer for Philadelphia International Records.

Jazmine grew up in north Philadelphia, in a two parent household. She was the middle sister between two brothers.

At age 5, Sullivan moved with her family to live in Strawberry Mansion, when her father had landed a curatorial job in the historical landmark in Philadelphia.

jazmine sullivan weight loss
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 29: EDITORIAL USE ONLY. In this screengrab released on November 29th, Jazmine Sullivan performs during the 2020 Soul Train Awards presented by BET. (Photo by 2020 Soul Train Awards/via Getty Images)

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