What do people mean when they say “grand rising”, and why do they say it instead of “good morning? We investigate the meaning of the phrase “grand rising”.

‘Grand rising’ meaning explained

“Grand rising” is a phrase some people say when they wake up, or when they see someone early in the day.

The act of “rising” has an obvious correlate in the act of getting up or getting out of bed

Meanwhile, prefixing it with “grand” indicates that something bigger, more grandiose or more significant is at play.

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‘Grand rising’ vs ‘good morning’

In the context of ways in which to greet the day, the phrase “grand rising” means something a little different to “good morning”.

Holistic health practitioner and educator The Queen Po made a video in August last year where she explains her interpretation of the differences between grand rising and good morning.

The difference according to YouTuber The Queen Po

During sleep, the physical body is in a state of rest. While the conscious mind also rests, the subconscious and unconscious minds are, according to those who believe it, in a state of “travel”. 

At the same time, the spirit travels to “another realm”. Sometimes, the conscious mind even “travels” with the sub- and unconscious minds.

If you accept this as a basis by which to understand sleep, then saying “grand rising” is a way of giving thanks, to the spirit, for returning to the body. 

By contrast, saying “good morning” is a celebration of a particular time of day, without relating the act of awakening to anything more personal or spiritual.

What is a Grand Rising ritual?

Wellness blogger Taryn Ford gives a different explanation for why they started saying “grand rising” instead of “good morning”.

“Morning is a time of grief. Rising is awakening and starting anew.”

Taryn Ford advocates having a grand rising ritual, that is, a morning process by which you ready yourself for the day.

It is, Ford writes, the “little things” you say or do on a daily basis that create “a positive flow” to your day.

“Over the years, I have had to make changes in my vocabulary to ensure positive self-talk.”

Her rising ritual involves waking up early, meditating, writing in a gratitude journal, writing an affirmation and, if time allows, practising yoga.

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