Drew Robinson yesterday officially shared the trailer for Alive: The Drew Robinson Story, coming soon to ESPN+. Fans are asking, what happened to Drew Robinson’s eye?

Drew Robinson’s elbow surgery and black eye

Back in 2017, close followers of then-San Francisco Giants in- and outfielder Drew Robinson noticed he had a black eye.

Now, following the release of the first trailer for Alive: The Drew Robinson Story, fans are curious again.

In June 2019, Robinson was put on the injured list. Two months later, he underwent Tommy John surgery on his left elbow, placing him on a timeline to return to training the following spring.

However, the Cardinals dropped him shortly after the surgery – something Robinson addresses in the ESPN+ show, Alive.

drew robinson eye 
PHOENIX, AZ – FEBRUARY 18: Drew Robinson of the San Francisco Giants poses for a portrait at Scottsdale Stadium, the spring training complex of the San Francisco Giants on February 18, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images)

What happened to Drew Robinson’s eye?

In the trailer for Alive, there appears to be scarring on Robinson’s right eye, as if it is healing from a serious injury. 

In his tweet promoting the release, Robinson writes that he’s hopeful the project might help “anyone affected directly or indirectly with mental health battles by hearing from and relating to someone who’s been through it”.

Because the show hasn’t premiered yet, no one can say for sure what happened to Drew Robinson’s eye except those that know him.

However, over on the r/TexasRangers subreddit, speculation is growing.

One user suggested that the name “Alive”, combined with Robinson’s own words, suggests that he survived a near-death experience. 

Another user pointed out that for a period last year Drew Robinson always wore glasses, or otherwise concealed part of his face.

In the words of Reddit user CyrusSteeze: “I always liked him and hope he gets another shot at the league. Mental health is no joke.”

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