What is WordHurdle? Wordle 2 takes on new name

Amber Peake March 25, 2022
What is WordHurdle? Wordle 2 takes on new name


If you’re a Wordle 2 fan you’ll have noticed the word-guessing game has a new name, WordHurdle. But why? And is there any difference?

Wordle 2 took on a new name this week, with fans of the game mentioning the change on Twitter.

We take a look at the name change and explore what it means regarding gameplay.

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Introducing WordHurdle

WordHurdle is the new name for Wordle 2, a word-guessing game in which users have six attempts to correctly guess a six-letter word.

Wordle 2 moved to its new name this week after a message appeared on the game’s site.

On the settings page, the team behind the game addressed the change in a statement, explaining the game had changed its name and URL as advised by its “legal team”.

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What does the name change mean for gameplay?

In accordance with the name change, the sites’s URL has also been changed to WordHurdle. Unfortunately, the change of URL means the game stats of users who played the game before the name change have been reset.

This is because the game’s data is stored via cookies in users’ browsers that attach to the URL. Therefore, while users will have to restart their progress, their new stats will be stored under the new URL as they continue to play.

One thing you don’t have to worry about is that, despite the name change, gameplay remains the same.

How to play WordHurdle

For those who haven’t played the game before and don’t know what all the fuss is about, here’s how to play WordHurdle.

  • Players start by inputting a six-letter word of their choice.
  • Letters in your guessed word will change depending on whether they feature in the answer.
  • If a letter changes colour to blue, this means it is in the correct spot.
  • However, if a letter turns yellow, this means it is in the word but is currently in the wrong position.
  • Grey means the letter doesn’t feature in the answer.
  • Players have six attempts to use those clues to guess the mystery word.

If you’re now curious to try the word-guessing game for yourself, you can play WordHurdle here.

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