Will there be a zombie apocalypse? Well, if yes, you’ll need to set up a perimeter in order to survive. Zombies aren’t known for their climbing ability. While there are examples in popular culture of zombies that can climb – Zombieland’s T-800s – the exception proves the rule.

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First step – leave the city as soon as possible

If you live in a high-rise apartment in a built-up area your chances of survival are minimal. Your perimeter is small and you can’t see around your property. You need room to fight.

When the zombie apocalypse happens, the close proximity and density of urban living will make for an untenable situation. If you’re able to adapt your lifestyle to suit it, I recommend you move to the country. Cities are the first to go under.

For many, upping sticks isn’t possible. If this sounds like you, try to establish a contact in a rural area. There’s no perfect location but the more sparsely populated, the better.

zombie apocalypse
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

If there is a zombie apocalypse, family comes before friends

Ideally, this contact should be a direct relation to you. Under extreme duress humans enter survival mode. This tests bonds – and bonds that aren’t watertight will break.

Most friendships will crumble in the face of justified self-interest. In a world where paranoia and distrustfulness keep people alive, you need to be very sure your contact will take you in. If they are going to take anyone in, you need to be first on that list.

Find a good spot

If several locations are available to you – or if none are and you’re forced to establish your own base – you’ll have to make a value judgement on which is best.

There are myriad factors to consider, and this isn’t an exact science. First and foremost, your immediate survival is top priority. You will need:

If you don’t make it through the next two days, you’re not going to make it a year. But you must also think about how you plan to progress.

For example, a modest stone cottage in the middle of nowhere sounds ideal unless you’re without supplies and need to make dangerous trips to poach from a nearby village. A house on a hill may provide advance warning of an incoming horde but that horde is more likely to see you – or hear you – in the first place if you’re on top of a hill.

Don’t lower your bar

The tricky thing is to balance the advantages and disadvantages of any given location. Don’t settle for sausages if there’s steak next door. Don’t rest on your laurels. Be aware of the shortcomings of your location. If visibility is poor, be extra vigilant and if you are exposed, be extra quiet. If you don’t have weapons… get them.

When you’ve made your decision, expect to have to make some changes. Know the limits of your property – your territory. Check the boundaries regularly. Defend them but don’t make them obvious. Do NOT scent them, as this may attract unwanted attention.

Building that wall

To make your property as zombie-proof as possible, construct a strong yet unassuming barrier. There are a few things worth considering when working on your wall:

zombie apocalypse
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Thinking about the future

As time progresses and you harden against the travails of life at the end of the world, you should think about bringing supply lines inside the fence. Trips outside the perimeter run all sorts of risks. If you can grow your own food, so much the better.

What you can grow depends on several factors:

It is this final point we’re talking about here. If you can avoid moving from one location to another, you will reduce the level of risk. Therefore, if you can arrive somewhere that already has an impenetrable, wide perimeter with space enough for a vegetable garden, you can count yourself lucky.

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