Who is Springtrap in FNaF as Twitter reacts to William Afton’s death?

Bruno Cooke December 31, 2021
Who is Springtrap in FNaF as Twitter reacts to William Afton’s death?


Lots of people have been watching CoryxKenshin play Five Nights At Freddy’s – and reacting to William Afton’s grisly death. Who is Springtrap in FNaF, and how have people responded to William Afton’s death in the latest instalment?

Who is Springtrap in FNaF?

Springtrap is one of the multiple aliases – or forms – of FNaF’s principle baddie, William Afton.

William Afton is the main antagonist of the Five Nights At Freddy’s franchise, reads HITC’s explainer. He started the Fazbear chain in 1982.

Three years later, he donned a Spring Bonnie suit, becoming what the Phone Guy calls Springtrap, and killed five children, setting off the chain of (fictional) events that form the basis of the Five Nights franchise. It is in FNaF 3 that Springtrap first appears.

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Source: YouTube [Steel Wool Studios]

He kills five children while wearing the suit, and returns to the suit years later in order to hide from their spirits, which he accidentally releases from their metal endoskeletons. 

Why does William Afton return from the grave as Springtrap?

The opening of Fazbear’s Frights resurrects Afton as Springtrap. When employees of the attraction decide to use the Spring Bonnie suit, Afton returns from the grave in the form.

Later, in Virtual Experience, he returns as Glitchtrap. William Afton is also Scraptrap, and Burntrap. Rule of thumb: if it’s a trap, it’s probably Afton.

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In order to complete the true, canon ending of Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, players must defeat the final boss – William Afton. 

The battle involves cutscenes showing Afton as Spring Bonnie, aka Springtrap, and multiple phases during which players must also fight Chica, Monty and Roxy.

What are William Afton’s age and eye colour in FNaF?

The FNaF Wiki simply lists William Afton’s age as between 35 and 54. Part of the reason it’s hard to establish is that he died in 1993, then came back to life. But also, his date of birth is unclear.

Fan theories claim to have pinned it down, however. One reckons he was born in 1938, had his son Michael when he was 35.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Gameplay Trailer

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Gameplay Trailer

Another, posting on Reddit, claims Afton is 78 years old – in 2021. That includes the years he’s lived post-resurrection. The user suggests that he was 40 years old during the events of the fourth game.

William Afton’s eye colour has also been the subject of debate. In what they describe as “one of the most strangest discoveries I found”, one Reddit user claims to have taken a brightened image of William Afton wearing the Spring Bonnie costume, and discovered his eyes to be blue.

“Not just blue, but rather a light blue.”

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