Who does Danielle Bisutti play in God Of War Ragnarök?

Bruno Cooke November 10, 2022
Who does Danielle Bisutti play in God Of War Ragnarök?
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God of War Ragnarök came out on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 and sees Danielle Bisutti return to its voice cast.


Loosely grounded in Norse mythology, the God Of War franchise began in 2005 on the PlayStation 2.

It now consists of nine distinct games across multiple platforms, plus a text-based game.

The games follow titular protagonist Kratos, a Spartan warrior and later the Greek god of war, as he enacts his vengeance on the Olympian deities, and ultimately seeks redemption. What do we know about who plays Freya in the 2022 instalment, and how tall is she compared to Kratos?

God Of War Ragnarok | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer

God Of War Ragnarok | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer

Danielle Bisutti returns to voice cast of God Of War in 2022 for new Ragnarök game

Engadget confirmed that the character Bisutti plays in God Of War – Freya, an ally-turned-foe – would feature heavily in the new game.

She will be a “main antagonist,” the outlet wrote in September 2021. In the previous game, which came out in 2018, Freya is introduced as a Vanir goddess, and mother of Æsir god Baldur, who is Kratos’ primary antagonist.

Baldur’s father is Odin, the Allfather and King of the Æsir. Freya is the former Queen of the Valkyries; she tries to leave Odin after he begins to corrode her Vanir magic, and he reacts by stripping her of her wings and banishing her to Midgard. 

To protect her son Baldur from a prophecy that foretells his death, she casts a spell of immortality on him. But her spell means he can’t feel pain or pleasure, which causes him to resent his mother. Ultimately, Kratos kills Baldur, and she swears vengeance on him.

Which explains why she’s a fully fledged antagonist in the new game – and why any potential for romance between Kratos and Freya is likely shot.

Has God Of War actress Danielle Bisutti voiced any video game characters besides Freya?

Danielle Bisutti’s first video game credit was as Freya in God Of War (2018).

A year later, she was in The Lego Movie 2 Videogame. The following year, she voiced Claudia Grimstone in Madden NFL 21: Face Of The Franchise: Rise To Fame, and Madden NFL 21.

And finally this year, she voiced Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley and, as we know, returned to play Freya in God Of War Ragnarök.

Besides video game voice acting, she has several dozen screen acting credits, including Hexela in Dwight In Shining Armor (2019-2021), Parker Crane’s mother in Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013), and Barb in Curse Of Chucky (2013). 

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How tall is Freya?

Four years ago, someone posting under the username u/MetalCruise asked in the r/GodofWar subreddit whether anyone was going to mention “how tall Freya is next to Kratos.”

“Kratos is quite tall compared to the average human being,” the user noted. “As tall as 6ft 6in. Now, compared to Freya, she stands as tall as up to his ear, and is even taller than her own son, Baldur, who stands below his chin.”

The God Of War Fandom page on Freya also notes her height. It describes her as “very tall and curvilineus,” and adds that she can “see Kratos eye to eye.”

For her part, the height of Danielle Bisutti, who plays Freya in the God Of War game franchise, is 5ft 8in (1.73m), meaning she’s as much as a head shorter than her character. If Kratos is 6ft 6in, then Freya must be a couple of inches over 6ft.

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Romance unlikely to develop between Freya and Kratos in Ragnarök

At this point, it seems unlikely. But the question merits a bit of context.

Kratos married his second wife Faye at some point between the events of God Of War 3 and the series’ reboot in 2018. By the time the 2018 game started, however, Faye is already dead. Game Rant describes Kratos and Faye’s relationship as “one of the most mysterious” in the game. 

“How the couple met and fell in love is still a huge gap in the God of War story,” the outlet writes.

But God Of War (the 2018 game) didn’t escalate his relationship with Freya, which fans appear to have appreciated. He remains loyal to Faye. She is, remember, Kratos’ second wife, and the mother of his child Atreus. 

But the main reason it seems unlikely that God Of War Ragnarök will see a romance develop between Kratos and Freya – besides his loyalty to his wife – is that she is trying to kill him as revenge for him killing her son.

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