What we want to see in The Sims 5

Demi Che Foster May 20, 2020
What we want to see in The Sims 5

If you’ve stuck by The Sims series of games published by Electronic Arts (EA), you’ll have seen a lot of changes. It has been six years since The Sims 4 was released, to mixed reaction. The Sims 5 is in development. What features would The Focus team like to see developer Maxis improve, add or revamp in the new game?


The early Sims games were rough and rugged, but fans loved them. The Sims 2 and 3 were of their time, with hairstyles, make-up and clothing to match.

The Sims 3 was a massive game-changer, however, as it presented an open world in which we could follow our families around their town while they cycled, ran, walked, drove or rode a broomstick! This gave the game more depth and made it more lifelike. It felt as though you were following your characters to work or school rather than seeing them vanish into thin air.

EA seemed to have given us a golden gem with The Sims 3 but went back to bare bones for the next iteration. The only way to travel in The Sims 4 is to click on areas of the map and wait for it to load.

We want the open world again in The Sims 5. The move was understandable, however, as it cut loading times and made the game run smoother and faster. This was a complaint often aimed at The Sims 3.

The Sims 3 featured an open-world map. Image from Maxis/Electronic Arts
The Sims 4 map. Image from Maxis/Electronic Arts


We’d like vehicles to make a comeback too! Being able to choose your household’s cars and motorbikes was fun. Opting for a mid-life-crisis sports car or a family five-seater can make all the difference to the gameplay. There are mods available for The Sims 4 that allow you to buy cars – but you can’t drive them. Big disappointment.

The Sims 3 cars. Image from Maxis/Electronic Arts

The doctor

Let’s take a detour back to The Sims 2 – what a game! Your sims could go crazy if they became bored, caught their spouses cheating or if their needs weren’t met. When life went wrong, they got a visit from a therapist.

It was interesting to see the doctor transform your sims’ lives. However, when clicking on another sim you were unable to see this. It would be awesome to see a new and improved doctor appear in The Sims 5!

The doctor in The Sims 2. Image from Maxis/Electronic Arts


We want babies in The Sims 5 too! This may sound weird but babies in The Sims 4 are treated like objects. In previous Sims games you could fully interact with babies such as carry them and take them for a drive. In The Sims 4, however, you give birth to an object that stays in its cot while you take care of them every couple of minutes.

The babies look the same apart from colour variations, with no distinct features or resemblance to their parents. Many players feel The Sims 5 should increase the babies’ age to toddlers.

Maxis and EA should also remember people want to play with life but not experience REAL life. Demanding babies that cry all the time isn’t everyone’s idea of fun! Building a family tree in The Sims shouldn’t seem like a chore.

You can take The Sims 3 babies out of their cots. Image from Maxis/Electronic Arts
The Sims 4 babies all seem to look the same. Image from Maxis/Electronic Arts

Cool gadgets and bots

The Sims 2 and 3 had cool furniture and robots. For example, The Sims 2 featured a chocolate-making machine you could use to build your own bakery or make your own chocolates!

There was even a plastic surgery station in which sims could place their face and alter their appearance. Robots existed too, which you could befriend and get them do your chores.

In The Sims 3, they were reborn and even existed in the future (in The Sims Into The Future Pack). These were fun – more again, please.

Plastic surgery machine. Image from Maxis/Electronic Arts
Chocolate factory. Image from Maxis/Electronic Arts
More robots, please! Images from Maxis/Electronic Arts

Whatever happens, The Sims 5 is sure to bring joy and nostalgia. Speaking for myself and many other Simmers, I can’t wait for an official trailer.

I wonder whether they’ll steer away from the childish, cartoon-like sims in the game? Will they look more like humans? I don’t know how I would feel about that… what do you think?

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