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Here's what happened to Meepcity in Roblox

Yasmine Leung February 17, 2022
Here's what happened to Meepcity in Roblox

Popular Roblox game Meepcity was temporarily inaccessible on 16 February 2022, so what happened to it and why was it briefly shut down?

With more than 13 billion visits, social role-playing game Meepcity is one of the most popular creations by Roblox.

Inspired by Club Penguin and Disney’s Toontown Online, game developer Alex Binello – alias Alexneutron – created the game in 2016, giving players the chance to chat with each other and customise their estates.

So you can guess that when the game was put under review on Wednesday (16 February), waves of players took to social media to find out what exactly had gone down.

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What happened to Meepcity?

The Official Meepcity Twitter account stated players were having problems accessing the game, claiming “something happened that should not have” and warning action would be taken against the “people who caused this issue”, prompting creator Binello to put it under review and make some changes.

As soon as the game was back up, players realised the popular ‘Parties’ feature was no longer there, meaning users could no longer join and socialise in closed small groups.

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Meepcity streamer KreekCraft claimed hacker Tubers93 had struck again but moderators replied stating there were no threats:

The reason why Parties feature has gone

The Parties feature on Meepcity has had a history of containing NSFW content such as inappropriately dressed avatars and groups organising virtual gatherings of the naughty kind. Slenders – users who deliberately play the game for online dating – are also common, making the world a potentially dangerous environment for young audiences.

BBC News recently drew attention to the issue via Instagram, with fans feeling bad for Binello as haters accused him of not doing enough to limit inappropriate behaviour.

However, there is a “report parties” feature on their Discord.

To avoid further backlash, the feature has been removed but it’s not known when it will return.

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