Here’s what happened to Manatreed as streamer disables socials

Bruno Cooke February 2, 2022
Here’s what happened to Manatreed as streamer disables socials


Manatreed’s first Minecraft stream was long-awaited but, before he’d even done it, some people on Reddit were theorising about what had happened to him. Here’s a breakdown of Manatreed’s streaming story, up to and including the disabling of his Twitter account.

What happened to Minecraft streamer Manatreed?

The Twitch streamer, whom Sportskeeda identifies as “Ollie”, made his debut on Sunday, 30 January 2022. His arrival was long-awaited. Reddit users posting in the subreddit r/DreamWasTaken started asking what had happened to Manatreed more than two months ago.

One suggested he was “scared away” by “overnight fame”. Another posited he had simply forgotten he had an account.

“He’s preparing his forces,” another wrote. “When we least expect it, he’ll strike.”

And strike he did. 

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When was his first Twitch stream?

Manatreed made his Twitch debut as a Minecraft streamer on Sunday. But his tweet “first stream in ten minutes” – SK captured a screenshot – generated more than 70K likes. That’s remarkable for someone who hadn’t even started doing what they were setting out to do.

He’s the latest addition to the DreamSMP server. Some of the DreamSMP community thought he might be Dream himself, operating under a pseudonym. But this myth was dispelled when they turned up on a stream together.

Manatreed and Dream are old friends, but what else do we know about the elusive streamer, and what happened to him in the wake of his first Twitch appearance?

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How old is Manatreed?

Born 23 June 1998, Manatreed is 24 years old. During his inaugural stream, he mentioned he suffers from dyslexia. He also said he doesn’t mind which pronouns people use to refer to him – he/him and they/them are both fine.

His debut stream topped out a little above 200K viewers. It lasted two hours.

A couple of days ahead of it, however, what Dexerto describes as a “simple exchange” between Dream and Manatreed developed into a “much more concerning conversation about taking advantage of creatives”.

In response to Dream’s taunt (via Twitter) that he “get a Minecraft skin”, Dexerto quotes Manatreed as saying he would “let the community make me one”. 

The notion creatives should be willing to design avatars for video game streamers for free has ruffled feathers. Nevertheless, fans have delivered, time, time and time again. Manatreed’s own Twitter account, however, no longer exists

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War Hospital | Cinematic Trailer

War Hospital | Cinematic Trailer

Twitter cools off amid stronger accusations

Separately, Sportskeeda has details of some other things people have been saying about Manatreed. These have to do with his identity, his past behaviour, and his relationship with Dream.

Before his Twitter account disappeared, Manatreed addressed the allegations. He denied all of them and apologised to “anyone that’s been put through stress”. He added: “My heart goes out to anyone that needs it.” Again, SK has screenshots via the link above.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have been offering wholesome reprieve from Manatreed’s situation. One has offered this thread of pictures of cows. Warning: cuteness level 100.

Another posted a handy list of “things we know about Manatreed”, the last of which reads “is the Lorax”.

At the same time, some of Manatreed’s 200K followers on Twitch, shocked at what happened following his debut Minecraft stream, have been offering their support on Twitter in the form of fan art or simple words of solidarity.

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