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What does Sally Face look like without the mask? Fans hope for face reveal

Leigh McManus May 3, 2021
sally face without mask

What does Sally Face look like without the mask? Despite the fifth and final episode of Sally Face being released on 13 December 2019 people continue to ask the question.

What is Sally Face about and why does he wear a mask?

Sally Face is an indie horror point-and-click adventure game where users navigate through the world of the titular character, developed by Steve Gabry.

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The game is broken up into five episodes following Sal Fisher, AKA Sally Face, a boy who ended up with a prosthetic face from a childhood accident.

VHS | Reveal Trailer

The player follows the character as he moves into the setting of most of the action, Addison Apartments, with his father following a mysterious murder.

Gabry says on Portable Moose that the game is “inspired in part by 1990s cartoons and personal nightmares.”

The designer is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been developing games for over 10 years.

He worked as Creative Director on Crowman & Wolfboy by Wither Studios, and also taught Game Design while working on a series of independent projects.

“I started working on Sally Face in my free time in early 2015. Every part of the game is created by me, including art, design, music and so on. At the end of 2016, I began to focus my full-time efforts on Sally Face,” he said.

What does Sally Face look like without a mask?

This has been the question on everybody’s lips since Sally Face was released.

Fan site Fandom rightly points out that Sal’s most prominent feature is his prosthetic face mask, which is primarily white with a light pink patch over the right eye.

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The site also alludes to the character’s face having been seen in the past.

“From what has been seen of his face: he has a large scar that runs diagonally across the right side of his mouth, splitting his lips and exposing his teeth; a scar on his left cheek, as well as several other smaller scars scattered across the rest of his face; a dent on the right side of his lower jaw; and the cartilage of his nose is completely missing,” reads a description of the character.

The description continues: “He has shoulder length bright blue hair which he usually keeps tied up in pigtails and two piercings in each ear.”

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Speaking to Tolma4team, Gabry said that it is unlikely that Sally Face will reveal what’s under his mask in future storylines.

He said: “It’s become his real face in a way, so taking it off in public would only happen if it were an emergency. His face is private and hidden, you can think of it like removing your pants in public.

“In most cases, Sal would just try to use the bathroom or just shove his hand under the mask. When he’s eating, he can unbuckle the bottom straps and bring food under it, without revealing anything.”

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