SwaggerSouls face reveal rumours: What does the YouTuber look like?

Kate Fowler October 9, 2020
SwaggerSouls face reveal rumours: What does the YouTuber look like?

What does SwaggerSouls look like? Has he already done a face reveal? Just about everyone in the YouTube gaming community is avidly watching SwaggerSouls – but what fans really want to see is his face.

SwaggerSouls is a 32-year-old American gaming YouTuber who has famously never shown his face online, much to the frustration of his subscribers.

He only ever appears online with a mask or helmet covering his face, normally a chainmail mask or medieval-style helmet.

He has more than four million subscribers and also hosts popular podcast Misfits with his co-hosts, who he now lives with in Australia.

SwaggerSouls’ face reveal rumours

In one Misfits podcast, SwaggerSouls explains he wears a helmet or mask as he values remaining anonymous while having such a large following.

He says he likes being able to meet people who treat him normally as they don’t know who he is.

The man behind the mask. So close, yet so far…

A few times we’ve been close to seeing his face, including this time when a fan took a picture of him mask-less at a party. They caught him before he could show the snap to anyone, though.

SwaggerSouls has managed to troll the internet with face reveals a few times, like when he tweeted a ‘face reveal’ followed by a Rickroll video, and when he made a video entitled The Face Reveal to celebrate one million subscribers in 2018.

The video flashes numerous faces on the screen followed by the words ‘one of the faces shown is mine’. The internet went on a hunt to decide which one, and Reddit ultimately decided it to be the man with the beard.

However, fans later debunked that by discovering the bearded man was The Anime Man on YouTube.

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