How to get the 2022 spring halo in Roblox

Bruno Cooke February 3, 2022
How to get the 2022 spring halo in Roblox


Roblox’s Spring Halo 2022 has landed early and already, people have started trading the rare collectibles on Traderie. Here’s everything we know so far about Royale High’s latest piece of headwear, including who designed it, and how to obtain one.

When did the Spring Halo 2022 arrive in Royale High?

It doesn’t yet appear on Fandom’s list of Royale High halos, but people have already posted their reactions to having received a Spring Halo 2022 on Twitter and YouTube.

YouTube streamer BeaPlays Roblox posted a video about the update. In the stream, Bea explains that the Spring Halo 2022 has come early. It will also be available until May, meaning there will be no St Valentine’s Day halo and no St Patrick’s Day halo.

During the video, one of Bea’s Twitch viewers estimates that six or seven Roblox players had already won a Spring Halo 2022. But that was 13 hours ago. Since then, numerous others have likely got hold of one.

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Who designed the Spring Halo 2022 in Roblox?

A Roblox user by the name of PureSweetener appears to be the designer behind Royale High’s latest piece of collectible headwear. 

You can view their profile on Roblox here, or Twitter here.

“Not bad for my first halo”, they tweeted earlier today. They also credited Twitter user @ixchoco (who goes by Charly) as the original concept artist. 

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Before its arrival, however, players had been designing their own concept art for the Spring Halo 2022.

Numerous halos have already appeared on peer-to-peer video game item marketplace Traderie. Most sellers are advertising their halos as free, while a minority are requesting diamonds or other items of digital clothing in exchange.

How to get your very own halo

Halos are rare, wearable accessories in Royale High, a fantasy school roleplaying and dress-up game on the Roblox platform.

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Phantom Breaker: Omnia | Character Reveal Trailer

Phantom Breaker: Omnia | Character Reveal Trailer

As such, they are not easy to come by. They’re not supposed to be. Players most often earn them by interacting with the fountain in Divinia Park, and giving correct answers to a series of prompts. 

Pro Game Guides claims to have a chart of “everything we know” about different stories and their outcomes. But, the website warns, this year’s stories will likely be different from last year’s – though there may be some overlap.

One player said they got theirs on their second try. Others just excited to have won one at all.

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