‘Soft launching’ meaning explained as Apex Legends Mobile rolls out

Bruno Cooke March 7, 2022
‘Soft launching’ meaning explained as Apex Legends Mobile rolls out


Several news and gaming outlets have described Apex Legends’ mobile release as a “soft launch” or “regional launch” – what does this mean exactly, and is there a way around it for those in non-participating regions, for example by using a VPN?

‘Soft launching’ meaning explained

EA updated its Apex Legends Mobile “limited regional launch” FAQ page on 28 February 2022 to include the company’s decision to “shift the limited  regional launch”.

“Our intention is to now release the game to participating countries on March 7 Pacific Standard Time.”

Some outlets have used the term “soft launching” to refer to Apex Legends’ regional launch, or regional limited launch, but the meanings are basically the same, and the terms interchangeable.

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Apex Legends | Defiance Battle Pass Trailer

Apex Legends | Defiance Battle Pass Trailer

“Soft launching” a product means releasing it to a restricted audience in advance of a full launch.

Given Apex Legends’ fast-approaching release time, gamers around the world are understandably curious about when they will be able to access Apex Legends Mobile. Note: EA doesn’t actually specify the release date on the FAQ page – it only gives a date.

EA’s regional launch of Apex Legends Mobile will run throughout the spring months

Per EA’s FAQ page, the Apex Legends Mobile limited regional (or soft) launch will start today (Monday, 7 March 2022) and “run throughout the spring”.

People in 10 countries will be able to access the game. The Apex Legends Mobile soft regional launch will include people in the following 10 countries: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia.

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Source: YouTube [Apex Legends]

Players will be able to play as the following characters: Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Octane, Mirage, Pathfinder and Caustic.

Updates on the full global launch are pending “informed decisions” that EA hopes will come out of the regional launch. Participants in the soft launch are invited to “help in making Apex Legends Mobile the best it can be”.

As a rule, iOS devices with less than 2GB RAM, and Android devices with less than 3GB RAM, are not supported during the limited region test. However, EA says they will be able to support Android devices with 2GB RAM from the following brands: Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, Motorola, Samsung, Lenovo and Xiaomi. 

Players suggest using a VPN that supports soft launch regions to play Apex Legends Mobile from non-participating country

The Apex Legends Mobile soft launch means those in non-participating countries are still unable to access the game. That includes would-be players in the US, Europe and most other regions, for now.

However, it may be possible to use a VPN that supports soft launch regions to gain early access. Hopefuls from several parts of the world, it seems, will be attempting to play Apex Legends Mobile via this method in the coming days.

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