We explore Slogoman’s height after the YouTuber hits ten million subscribers this March 2021.

Slogoman, real name Joshua Robert Temple, is a British YouTuber known for creating gaming videos.

Who is Slogoman?

Slogoman was born Joshua Temple on 16 May 1997. This makes him currently 23 years old.

Back in August 2013, Slogo created his YouTube account.

Since then, he has become famous for creating gaming – particularly Minecraft and GTA – videos. Slogoman has amassed over 10 million fans over the past seven years.

Slogoman: Height

  • 5ft 11

It is thought that Slogoman stands at 5ft 11, almost 6ft. This is around 1.8m.


In his YouTube video on hitting 10 million subscribers, the topic of Slogo’s height comes up. Fellow YouTuber Jelly roasts Slogo by stating that he is shorter than people think. Slogoman then responds:

“Hold on, that is not true. I am 6ft… maybe just a tiny bit under. But I am 6ft if you round it up. I am definitely not shorter than Jelly.”

slogoman height

One Instagram picture of Slogo with director M. Night Shyamalan, they look around the same height. Shyamalan has previously stated that he is around 5ft 10.

Slogoman reaches 10 million subscribers

On 30 March 2021, Slogoman released a YouTube video titled “I GOT ROASTED By My FRIENDS For HITTING 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!”

His friends and fellow YouTubers Crainer and Jelly also appeared in the video. They are all members of gaming group Robust.

To celebrate hitting the milestone, Slogo has created the ‘Slug Diamond Hoodie’. There are just one hundred hoodies available and they are for sale on Slogo’s website.

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