Who is Starscourge Radahn? Elden Ring villain's lore explored

Olivia Olphin March 11, 2022
Who is Starscourge Radahn? Elden Ring villain's lore explored

The new Elden Ring game was released on 25 February 2022 and fans are loving the new open world. However, one of the game’s villains, Starscourge Radahn, is giving some fans a bit of trouble. The former military commander is an incredibly difficult force to beat in combat.

We take a deep dive into the lore behind one of Elden Ring’s most formidable foes.

General Radahn’s Elden Ring lore explained

Radahn is also known as Starscourge Radahn, and the Red Lion General. He is one of the many bosses in Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring wiki calls Radahn a “massive and destructive creature” who has been cursed to wander forever. He previously faced off with his half-sister Malenia in the Battle of Caelid, and became infected with scarlet rot, which slowly ate him from the inside, causing him to lose his mind.

Radahn is a demi-god and was previously known as a great commander and a master tactician. However, his deteriorating mental state has turned him into a being that eats the corpses of his enemies like an animal, delighting in the spoils of battle.

He is the son of Rennala and Radagon and was the leader of Queen Marika’s armies. Radahn is most well known for welding the Starscourge Greatswords, which are two massive cleaver swords made of black steel.

Radahn learned how to wield gravitational powers in Sellia when he was younger. This was so that he would never have to leave his beloved horse, Leonard, after he became too large to ride him.

Radahn is voiced by Pip Torrens in Elden Ring. Torrens is from Kent, England, and has been a voice actor for nearly 30 years. He has voiced characters in games such as The Dark Pictures: Little Hope and was even a small part in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Torrens also recently starred in two episodes of the hit series Succession on HBO, and in popular shows Preacher, The Crown, and Poldark.

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Elden Ring | Story Trailer

Elden Ring | Story Trailer

Top tips on how to beat General Radahn in Elden Ring

Radahn is a mid-game boss in Elden Ring. You battle him in the desert that is north of Redmane Castle in the Caelid region.

You don’t necessarily need to beat him to continue the game, but if you decide not to fight him this may limit your ability to access events later in the game.

Watch out because Radahn is a master fighter. He can pick you off with his large arrows from great distances, and also has twin swords to kill you at close range.

In order to beat Radahn you’re going to want to be at level 40 as a minimum, but it will be a lot easier if your level is around 50-60.

Focus on ranged attacks if you can get powerful ones because if you get too close to Radahn he tends to have the upper hand. You can also choose bleed damage as this is effective on a large target like Radahn.

While shields are not that effective against Radahn, it is useful to learn combat rolling to keep out of his destructive path.

Fans are struggling to beat General Radahn’s almighty power in battle

Elden Ring has gripped fans’ attention for the last two weeks, but many are struggling to beat Radahn in one-on-one combat. While this is incredibly frustrating, it has created some great meme-able content online.

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We wish you luck with your next battle!

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