Will there be a PlayStation 2021 year in review like fans hope?

Amber Peake December 15, 2021
Will there be a PlayStation 2021 year in review like fans hope?
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As 2021 comes to an end, many online services and brands have already released yearly reviews for their customers. Leading the yearly round-up on the game front at the moment seems to be Nintendo Switch, as the console announced the release of its Year In Review yesterday (Tuesday 14 December).

Following the release, gamers are curious to know if PlayStation, will release its 2021 year in review wrap up like fans hope. Let’s take a look…

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Echo VR | Echo Pass Season 4 Launch Trailer
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Tis the season for yearly wrap ups

Over the years, December has become known to customers alike as a time of reflection as many brands release wrap-ups and yearly reviews of their services.

While many will be familiar with Spotify’s Wrapped music review, the yearly round uptrend is also a thing in other services including gaming consoles.

Nintendo Switch is the latest console to drop its Year In Review, which allows users to view their gaming habits over the past year. Following its release, some fans have taken to social media as they share their excitement for PlayStation’s round-up as they reflect on their 2021 gameplay:

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Will there be a PlayStation 2021 year in review?

It has not yet been confirmed if there will be a 2021 PlayStation Wrap Up for users however, if there is, it probably won’t be released until the new year.

While many end of year reviews are available to customers in December, over the years, the PlayStation Wrap Up has been released around January/ February time.

The 2020 Wrap Up was no exception, as its release was announced on Twitter on 2 February:

The Focus has reached out to PlayStation for comment regarding its 2021 wrap up and when it could be expected. We are still waiting to hear back at the time of publishing.

Elsewhere, PlayStation over 2021 has released a general review of the year which looks back on the “games, characters and moments” that defined it, so perhaps the user ones are on their way.

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What have past PlayStation Wrap Up’s featured?

In PlayStation Wrap Up’s over the years, gamers have been able to see what their top played game of the year was and others they favoured as well as the different trophies they may have racked up and their total of hours spent on gameplay.

While past reviews have been released in February, the yearly wrap up gives PlayStation users an insight into their gaming habits between 1 January to 31 December.

To make sure you are eligible to receive a PlayStation Wrap Up of your gaming habits in 2021, you must have a registered account, be 18 and above and have a total gameplay of over 10 hours on a PS4 console.

As the PS5 was released in November 2020, only a general version of the stats for the console was available in the 2020 review. However, those lucky enough to have got their hands on the console could see more detailed stats in the 2021 review.

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