Where can you still get Pet Sim X's new merch as plushies sell out?

Amber Peake March 15, 2022
Where can you still get Pet Sim X's new merch as plushies sell out?


In case you missed it, there was a Pet Sim X merch drop today however, it sold out within half an hour of its release.

Those who were not able to get their hands on the merch have since wondered where it is still available. Let’s take a look…

X | Official Trailer

X | Official Trailer
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New Pet Sim X merch just dropped, but its sold out

If you were playing Pet Simulator X today (15 March), you might have noticed a countdown above the golden fountain in Spawn World.

The countdown was for a merch drop which the game’s studio Big Games first hinted to on Twitter yesterday (14 March).

As part of the drop, fans could opt to purchase either a dog or dragon plushie that included a redeemable code which meant the plush could join your character in the game.

The plushies went live 4 pm GMT (12 pm EST/9 am PST ), however, both the dragon and dog character toys promptly sold out within half an hour:

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Fans share excitement for the merch drop

Following the release of the new merch, fans have begun to share news of their successful purchases online:

However, while some were able to snag a plushie for themselves, others were not as lucky:

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They’re already being re-sold for a hefty price

For those who were not able to buy the dog and dragon plushies, they are being re-sold online. However, the price is a lot more than the initial drop.

In the original merch release, the plushies were sold for $49.99, but listings for both the dog and dragon plushies on eBay are currently over $100.

Alternatively, you could keep an eye out for giveaways or trades going on across social media.

Roblox gamer KreekCraft hinted he may be hosting a giveaway as the streamer confessed he had bought $1000 worth of Pet Simulator X plushies and asked fans if they wanted one on Twitter:

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