Pestily banned from YouTube for ‘severe violations’: What happened?

Bruno Cooke March 12, 2021

Pestily’s main YouTube channel has been banned from the platform for “severe or repeated violations” of YT’s Community Guidelines, the gaming broadcaster announced on Twitter today.

Pestily takes to Twitter

Pestily (real name: Paul) is an Australian YouTuber and partnered Twitch broadcaster.

He has been “an avid gamer since my teenage years”, according to his bio, but served as a Rifleman in the Australian Army for eight years before switching to content creation.

IG: pestily

Pestily took to Twitter earlier today to announce that his main YouTube channel had been taken down. 

The notice he received from YouTube declared that his content contained “severe or repeated violations of [YouTube’s] Community Guidelines”.

Pestily tagged @TeamYouTube in the thread, writing that his account had been “deleted randomly”.

How has Twitter reacted to Pestily’s ban?

TeamYouTube thanked Pestily for reaching out regarding his banned account. 

They wrote: “we’ve passed this along for further review. We’ll get back to you as soon as we know more. Appreciate your patience as we sort this out.”

Pestily’s followers and fans have voiced their support for the Twitch broadcaster, saying (among other things) “his content is amazing and he is a standup dude”.

Comparison to Hardware Unboxed

Another user suggested that the ban was the result of a “bot algorithm playing up”, comparing Pestily’s situation with that of Hardware Unboxed. 

However, Hardware Unboxed clarified that it wasn’t quite the same thing.

Pestily has raised money for charity

Twitter user Nedrick replied to Pestily and @YouTube, arguing that he had “literally raised millions of dollars for children in the last year”.

“Trust me. This ain’t it.”

According to another reply (which has so far received over 300 likes), Pestily “managed to get well over a million dollar in donations to a charity”.

According to Pestily’s own website, he has raised over $25,000 for charity throughout his Twitch career.