OSRS Christmas event 2021 has begun! What does it involve?

Bruno Cooke December 16, 2021
OSRS Christmas event 2021 has begun! What does it involve?


December 16 marks the first day of the OSRS (that’s Old School RuneScape, for the uninitiated) Christmas event. Gingerbread gnomes are “lurking in ovens across Gielinor” – what does the OSRS 2021 Christmas event involve, how long will it last, and what rewards are available for those who choose to complete it?

How long will the 2021 OSRS Christmas event last?

The OSRS Wiki doesn’t currently list an end date for 2021’s Christmas event. 

However, a glance at past events indicates that it is likely to be sometime in the second week of January.

2020’s equivalent event ran from December 9 to January 6; in 2019, the OSRS Christmas event began on December 11 and ran until January 9; in 2018, it started on December 13 and ended on January 10.

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Source: YouTube [RuneScape]

This year’s OSRS Christmas event starts later than usual, it being already December 16. That suggests that the end date will be slightly later than usual, too – possibly even in the third week of January.

But don’t take that for granted. Runescape’s last newsletter of the year arrived today – presumably the first of 2021 will contain concrete information on the end date of the 2021 OSRS Christmas event.

What does the 2021 OSRS Christmas event involve for players?

“Snow is falling, presents are being wrapped, and gingerbread gnomes are lurking in ovens across Gielinor.”

So runs the opening paragraph of RuneScape’s latest newsletter, with details of this year’s Christmas Event. 

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To participate in the 2021 OSRS Christmas event, players must visit the White Knights’ Castle, in Falador. Head to the holiday event icon (a gift wrapped in red with yellow ribbons) and speak to Squire.

He will inform you of his plight: he put his Santa outfit in the wash together with Sir Vyvin’s iconic white armour; the colours have run; Vyvin doesn’t vibe with pink. 

Vanish stain remover doesn’t exist in OSRS, but Squire knows of a magical cleaning potion that gets stains out like nobody’s business. He needs ingredients, and he needs them now (or, at least, by some time probably in the second week of January).

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Dauntless | Frostfall 2021 Trailer

Dauntless | Frostfall 2021 Trailer

What reward do you get for completing the event?

The newsletter linked above refers to “some extra-special gifts” for whoever helps Squire. What are they?

Upon completion of the OSRS 2021 Christmas event, players receive a range of festive rewards

These include a festive elf hat and pair of slippers; a snowman ring and a Secret Santa present (which can be recoloured by speaking to NPCs located in Lumbridge, Draynor Village, Varrock’s fountain square and between Port Sarim and the Crafting Guild); two sets each of partyhats (or phats), Santa hats and Christmas crackers; and access to sled racing. Go get ’em.

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