RIP Michigun of Geometry Dash: Death of top player shocks community

Bruno Cooke March 31, 2021
RIP Michigun of Geometry Dash: Death of top player shocks community

Players are mourning the death of Michigun, one of Geometry Dash’s best ever players and a member of the GeoStorm Discord clan. What happened to Michigun, and how did he die?

Michigun, of Geometry Dash fame, has died

Yesterday (30 March), Viprin, fellow Geometry Dash player and best friend to Michigun, announced on Twitter that Michigun had died. 

Viprin described his passing as “unexpected” – indicating that he didn’t know about any previous health conditions. Michigun was one of Viprin’s best friends and an “idol for the community” for several years.

Michigun’s brother apparently contacted Viprin with the news three days before the Twitter post (so, 27 March), with a request that they keep it quiet from the public “until now”.

Source: YouTube

Were there any clues?

According to Viprin’s tweet, Michigun’s activity in the GeoStorm Discord server ceased on 10 March, just 17 days before his death. GeoStorm is a clan in Geometry Dash, headed up by Viprin.

As a result of his disappearance, many of the clan’s membership were worried. Naturally, concern grew over time.

Since the news of his death arrived on Twitter, tributes to Michigun have poured in from fellow gamers and developers alike.

What happened to Michigun?

Michigun, whose nicknames included “Michingu” and “Machine Gun”, was 24 years old at the time of his death. 

At present, there is no information available about what actually happened to Michigun, nor about the cause of death.

He revealed his face to the public on 11 April 2017, having promised to do so when his channel reached 100,000 subscribers.

The video has already amassed numerous comments mourning his death.

“Rest in peace, Michigun. The community will never forget you. △△△”

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