Josh Manifold is quickly proving his older brother Jack isn’t the only one with a knack for gaming.

Josh even describes himself as “the better Manifold” on his Twitter bio.

Older brother Jack is best known as part of the Dream SMP server, associated with popular gamers such as Tubbo and TommyInnit.

As Josh’s popularity grows, fans might be curious to know more details about the younger Twitch streamer. Find out about his age and more on the Manifolds’ upbringing here.

How old is Josh Manifold?

Josh Manifold is 16 years old as of publication date. He was born on 26 March 2005 in England. This makes Josh an Aries.

Although he boasts about 150,000 Twitter followers and almost 98,000 Twitch followers, Josh only rose to internet fame last year.

Some fans have been surprised at Josh’s young age after he appeared in Jack Manifold’s boxing vlog.

What’s the age difference with his brother Jack?

There is a three-year age gap between Jack and Josh Manifold.

Jack is also a popular content creator and streamer, best known for the Minecraft videos he posts to his JackManifoldTV Twitch channel. He was born on 14 August 2002. This makes Jack a Leo.

Jack Manifold launched his YouTube channel in 2019, when he was about 17 years old.

More about the Manifolds’ family life

Jack and Josh Manifold are from Nottinghamshire, England, where they live with their parents.

It has been reported that their father is a software engineer and their mother works in the marketing department of a private company.

The Manifold sons started their careers young. Although Josh is still studying at secondary school, he has managed to accrue a significant social media following that will set him up for a future gaming and influencing career.

This has worked for older brother Jack, who already has a reported net worth of about $100,000. Jack has more than one million followers on Instagram, where he’s often seen partnering with brands.

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